DOOM 3 Interviews

GameSpy has posted a new id Software Q&A, asking Tim Willits, Todd Hollenshead and Marty Stratton about DOOM 3 and future projects. Questions are about major development hurdles towards the end, demo plans, lack of a Collectors Edition, Quake 4 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2. More Q&As can be found at GameSpot and PC.IGN.

GameSpy: After such a long development cycle, is the team going to take some time off right now, or are you going to plow right back into things? Tim Willits: Our very talented art staff has already started on the next game. Kenneth (Scott, id Software artist) is leading the team, working on some proof-of-concept stuff, and he's working on some conceptual art, and doing some really great stuff. So those guys have already started on the next game, which is awesome. Of course, a few of us will take vacations here and there, but we're not a rock band (laughs); we don't take off for six months after we go on tour. This is our job, and we've already started on the next title.