DOOM 3 Benchmarks

HardOCP has managed to get a hold of a bunch of benchmarks done by the guys up at id Software on the final version of DOOM 3. It's surprisingly painful to see NVidia just wipe the floor with ATI when it comes to DOOM 3. I suppose its not a total shocker though given that NVidia signed up to be the Quakecon sponsor this year. They must have had something to be proud of to do that. :)

Looking at the cream of the crop in video cards, it is painfully obvious that ATI is going to have to make some changes in their product line to stay competitive, at least with DOOM 3 gamers. There is no way for a $500 X800XT-PE to compete with a $400 6800GT when the GT is simply going to outperform the more expensive card by a good margin.