id's Next, On RTCW2

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 19, 2004 7:03am PDT

In another G4/Tech TV piece Todd Hollenshead talked about what's next for id, which is an all-new property. He also mentioned Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 is in development, though didn't say what company is developing it. EuroGamer is speculating the developer might be Splash Damage, contributor to DOOM3's multiplayer maps (and they did Wolfenstein: Enemy Terroritory). In a job posting from a while ago the UK based studio mentions "In a continuation of our successful collaboration with id Software and Activision we have started production of a new full game based on the cutting-edge Doom 3 engine".

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  • If Romero was still working there this is what we'd hear:

    "I heard their next game will be in a fantasy setting, called "The Fight For Justice" where you play a thor-like being weilding a giant hammer, which you can throw at or bludgeon anything that moves. It'll be the only weapon but it'll be very powerful and have many different "alternate firing modes" if you will. I also heard they were gonna add awesome first person stuff like if you fall of an edge and your top heavy, you'll tumble. and your view will tumble with you. Also there will be a dragon monster!! Part of the game will also involve collecting the severed heads of the monsters you kill, and you'll have to sacrifice them to demons and stuff in order to build your character up (obtain new alternate fire modes, jump higher, etc). Also, they'll be a whole new control interface so instead of just pressing a button like in Doom, you'll actually have to move your mouse around to swing your hammer. Imagine pulling that mouse back and BLAM coming down on top of an enemy!

    And don't get me started on the multiplayer modes- its going to be unreal(nudge nudge)-- first they've got this new "slipgate" system so basically all the servers for the game will be connected together by slipgates so you'll have this really really, almost massively big online world connected by these "slipgages", and it'll have distance based voice chat built in, so you can talk to your buddies around you, or curse at them while you dodge their hammers. But watchout because the monsters have ears too! I mean we're even working on a command you can bind to a key so that when you press it your guy will take a shit! I swear! Ok, imagine this. You have a health thing and you don't need it. You meet someone in the game who has a nice weapon but is really low on health. You guys decide to exchange items. You don't really trust this guy so you bring along a friend and tell him to hide out somewhere with a bead on the other guy's head. You meet somewhere in the middle of a field and face off. You drop your health, he drops his weapon and you both strafe over the object of your desire. You start to back away (not turning your back on him) and suddenly decide you're going to whack this guy before he gets a chance to use that health. You move towards him and draw back with your hammer. He notices this and starts to duck, but it's too late. You smash him in the head and watch him fly down to the ground, landing on his side. You smash his still body a few more times and cause him to explode! Now you and your friend pick up all of the items your dead friend left on the ground. As you are walking off you pick up his severed head and put it in a bag. That will come in useful later... when you need something to sacrifice to a demon. But nothing will be able to prepare you for the "god" player-- they could be building a new structure in the world where 100 people are playing at the same time as the level design changes in the level they're playing."

    Who still wants this game!? Sounds bad ass to me.

    all this crap is an amalgamation of all the things I heard/read leading up to Quake's release. The binding a key to make your character poop came from a late night irc chat on #quake with teh romero, and many quotes have been copied and pasted directly from the excellent PlanetQuake article on the hype leading up to quake 1, read it here: .. god their servers are slow