Late Night Consoling

With its release just a few days away, sites are going live with their reviews of ESPN NFL 2K5. IGN appears to be the first out of the gate; does it topple Madden? Or falls just shy once again? Read for yourself. In the latest issue of EGM, they pit the two games head-to-head and pick a winner. Simply put, if you enjoy football games, you can't go wrong with one that's $20, especially one that seriously rivals the decade and a half champion of console sports. P.S. Rumors are in the comments!

PS2 GCN GTA: San Andreas/Donkey Konga Song Lists Revealed It appears the radio song list for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been floating around and GamesRadar has picked it up. The game, which is set in the 90's era, features hit songs from Nirvana, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Radiohead, and my favorite, Vanilla Ice. I was the total man in 3rd grade with my Ice Ice Baby tape. At the same time, GamerFeed gives us the goods on the European Donkey Konga, which has I believe more songs that appeal to kids this day and age, such as The Locomotion and Oye Como Va.
NDS Nintendo DS Games to Cost $35? GameSpot went snooping around the blogs of Japanese game developers and found a nugget of info by the president of Muumuu, Yukihito Morikawa, which hints to the pricing of DS cartridges and a potential problem in the DS development community. "There are a lot of new things that can be done [with the touch-sensitive screen], such as making hand drawn characters fight with each other or transforming a 3D object with the use of the stylus." He continued, "But, those kinds of ideas are too small to fit in a 3,800 yen cartridge, which is why [the developers] are deadlocked."
Xbox Halo 2 Coming Soon to a Theater Near You! Microsoft revealed this morning that starting today, movie-goers will be treated to a trailer for Halo 2 in front of many of this summer's biggest blockbusters. The clip, which shows the Master Chief engaging Covenant forces (duh), are exclusive to Loews Cineplex theaters and can be watched alongside Spider-Man 2, The Village, King Arthur, Catwoman, Alien vs. Predator, and I, Robot.
Xbox Weekly Bungie Update No one loves it more than you guys, so here it is! This week the animation team gets visited by Christopher Walken, a game mode for those multiplayer lovers without Xbox Live survived a crucial cut, and three types of water? Plus more talk of the beta reigns as it shifts into top gear.
PS2 Xbox GCN Misc. Q&As/Interviews C'mon, what's better than a Q&A session with Tomonobu Itagaki? Nothing, I tells you! IGN talks Hurricane Pack Vol. 1 with the crazed tyrant of Team Ninja. GameSpot snatched Alex Ward to talk about BurnOut 3: Takedown and David de Martin who's working on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005. Lets not forget Ben O'Donnell who's busy with TimeSplitters: Future Perfect! They wrap it up with Josh Holmes, discussing Def Jam: Fight for NY. Finally, IGN scores a big one by interviewing Steve Gray and gabbin' about The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age.
  Misc. Media/Previews
PS2 Kick it off at home with new shots of Silent Hill 4: The Room. A preview of Dog's Life is at GameSpot (my girlfriend is going to love this game). GameSpy gives us something to look at in these screens of King of Fighters: Maximum Impact. IGN oil themselves up in this preview of WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw. They also provide videos for Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Xbox IGN gives us a rundown on Oddworld Stranger as well as detail the five best things about Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.
GCN Prime Time Friday at IGN, baby! Here's a Metroid Prime 2 Echoes video showing Samus morphing into a ball. GamerFeed previews the Capcom original Killer 7. GameSpot wrassles a few screens out of THQ for WWE Day of Reckoning.
GBA PSP Hey, cool! Screens of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (PSP). IGN takes a look at the quite-not-so-RPG The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (GBA).
PS2 Xbox GCN Okay boys and girls, hold your breath... GameSpot goes EA crazy here with footage: NHL 2005, Need for Speed Underground 2, The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, and The Urbz: Sims in the City, all of which are on PS2, Xbox, and GCN. IGN, not wanting to be left out of the EA goodness, goes hands-on (although that's an illegal touch!) with FIFA Soccer 2005 (PS2, Xbox, GCN) and previews NCAA March Madness 2005 (PS2, Xbox, GCN).
Console Game of the Evening: Cyberball for the Sega Genesis. "It is so fun to beat the goalie lifeless with the cyberball." (submitted by Sarcastro).