WON Shutdown Soon

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 15, 2004 4:20pm PDT

We received an email from Valve, announcing that WON authentication servers will be shut down soon. After this operation is done (should be by July 31), you can no longer use of the online features of non-Steam Valve products, such as Counter-Strike 1.5. People who haven't already done so are encouraged to download Steam so they can continue to play.

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  • The biggest issues people have had with steam have not been the client, they have been buggy updates that valve has released. I think they have taken some steps to increase the quality of their updates (and reduce the frequency - note that we see updates every couple of weeks instead of every wednesday).

    The client itself hasn't been bad. They had some issues over the first 3-6 months, but over the past 6 i haven't had any steam problems that i can recall.

    It's unfortunate that the steam forums get dragged down into a constant "omg wtf" fest instead of a more productive method of bug reporting and feedback. It has taken some time but valve has addressed all the issues i have seen with steam, so i have some confidence that if people could properly communicate their problems to valve, they'd get addressed.

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    • One big problem Steam I think is the times they update. When my CS clan is about to play a league match, we get an update, like 2 seconds before we start. Then we have to wait for people to download it, and pray to god that it doesn't kill their box. Also, some games need the server to update, or strange bugs will come up. The "no bomb timer" bug in a recent patch was really annoying, and made everyone paranoid as hell.
      Also, I personally think the netcode before Steam worked better. My pings were always lower (ingame ping and ms in net_graph) and shots seem to hit better, even with the older crappy hitboxes. Eh, I guess I'm a crabby CS player among the zillions.