By Steve Gibson, Jul 15, 2004 1:18pm PDT

werd? I really need to stop eating tater tots with chili and cheese on them. That is gonna take like 15 years off my life I can just feel it with every bite. I'm firing up a FileShack fun promo for the rest of the month. Non-Mercury members are now capped at 1000k/s instead of 100k/s just so you can get a sense of just how sassy fast our bandwidth is. Get it while it's hot! We'll be updating the text/promo graphics in the next few days. Oh yeah, Chicago should return this weekend, and Dallas and Atlanta are also on the horizon. Yay! Burp.

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  • Woo hoo! Tonight was the last time I'll ever work at my god-forsaken job again! I'm moving to my new apartment about 110 miles from here by Amherst, NY (buffalo area). It kinda sucks though, because I've made a couple good friends at work. There was this one cook I worked with every night and he was really cool. I'm really going to miss this one girl I worked with though. She's really cute and I had grown to like her for the past year or thereabouts, and we've always been great friends even before I liked her. I won't get into why I'm not going out with her or anything, but it sucks because we were pretty close. She told me yesterday as well as today that I can't leave. She made me promise her to visit her whenever I'm around, and not just once or twice a year. I'm hoping we don't drift apart, but you know how these things go :/. It was kinda hard to say bye to her when she left work tonight, and I was surprised because I didn't think I would be upset about it at all. Ah well.

    Party on! My first apartment and a whole new university awaits!