About Dreamfall : The Longest Journey

If you think adventure games suck, go here. The rest of you will probably be interested in the follow-up to "The Longest Journey". If you don't know the game, read more about it here.

Now then, "Dreamfall : TLJ" is a follow-up to 2000's hit adventure game. The story will once again focus on April Ryan, but other then that it will only be slightly related to the first game. You'll also be able to play other characters. Dreamfall will be more action-oriented then the first game, inspired by games like KOTOR, Shenmue, Prince of Persia and Silent Hill. The game will take place in a science-fantasy world, with locations from casablanca to Japan. And if you think that sums it up, think again.

According to the creative manager, the game will not have louzy controls or crappy voice-acting. He hates those with a passion. And, just like the first game, the sound will be top-notch. Encoded in 7.1 surround. I'm growing old, I remember the time stereo was good enough for everyone...

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