Late Night Consoling

Here's a weird and kinda cool little thing...insert credit has posted an image of the HotRod, a dental imaging device that looks exactly like an Atari Jaguar. If you're scratching your head in disbelief, take a look at the image (out of courtesy I won't link directly to it). According to the AtariAge forums, Imagin purchased the old molds from Atari "some years back" and that's why the thing looks so much like a Jaguar. What I want to know, is who looked at the Jaguar and said, "Eureka! That's our IntraOral Camera device!" Maybe he had been playing a bit too much Tempest 2000. A few hours of that and you probably shouldn't drive, let alone operate dental equipment.

GameCube PS2 Xbox First MK: Deception Image? Fan page Mortal Kombat Online has posted an image they received from an anonymous source, who claims this is from the next Mortal Kombat title, which is rumored to be called MK: Deception. Whether or not the image is in-game or a render is currently being debated among fans, but if you blow it up, it definitely looks like a lower-resolution model that's got bump and/or normal maps on it, which would certainly suggest that it's in-game. No matter what, that's one seriously badass looking Baraka. Thanks IGN for the tip.
Xbox Metal Slug 3 in May SNK NeoGeo USA has announced that the Xbox port of Metal Slug 3 will ship in May. The game is an enhanced port of the arcade/NeoGeo original, and includes Xbox Live leaderboards among other additions. The Magic Box has posted some screenshots from the game, and well...they look exactly like the arcade, so it's difficult to tell if these are really shots from the port or not.
GameCube Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Q&A As the game is now complete, Planet GameCube tracked down Denis Dyack, the head of Silicon Knights to talk a bit about Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, which should be arriving on store shelves in just under a month. In other MGS: TTT news, GameSpot has posted GameSpot and GameSpy have still more hands-on impressions, while Cube.IGN has posted more screenshots from the game.
GameBoy Advance That's a Crapload of GBAs Nintendo announced today that they have sold more than 20 million Game Boy Advance systems in the US since its launch in June of 2001. This puts the GBA ahead of the previous two generations of Game Boy systems, as the original sold 2.4 million and the GBC sold 14.3 million in their first 2 1/2 years respectively.
Xbox 10 Reasons for the Xbox Hard Drive GameSpy has posted an editorial with their top ten reasons why the Xbox Next should have a built-in hard drive. Some of these are a bit more convincing than others, but it's a good read nonetheless if you aren't aware of the various things having an internal hard drive has done for the current Xbox system, and what it could offer in the next generation.
PS2 More MIA PS2 Games The third installment of IGN's recap of PS2 games that were announced (or strongly rumored, anyway) and have since disappeared is online tonight. In this portion they bring us up to speed on Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, A Sound of Thunder and even (snicker) Duke Nukem Forever.
GameCube Donkey Konga Expansion Announced The game itself isn't out here yet, but regardless, Nintendo of Japan has announced plans to release an expansion disc for Donkey Konga. The disc will be out later this year.
N64 Long Lost Goldeneye Level Discovered You gotta hand it to Goldeneye fans...they're a persistent lot. The Detstar Goldeneye Project has revealed "The Citadel", an early test level which was long believed to have been erased completely, but sure enough, can be uncovered through the use of a GameShark. Much like the one that was discovered in Zelda: The Wind Waker, this is still just a test level, but it is kinda cool that it was buried in there so deep. Thanks Slashdot Games for the tip.
Nintendo N5 Clarification Just a quick clarification: Nintendo will be unveiling their next console system at E3 in 2005 not this year's as was suggested here last night. I apologize to those of you who may have made travel reservations based on this information.
  Misc. Media/Previews
GameCube IGN has new shots from Baten Kaitos.
PS2 GameSpot has new previews of Cy Girls and Transformers: Prelude to Energon, IGN goes hands-on with Phantom Brave and Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, CVG has a hands-on look at Onimusha 3 and 1UP links to some new movies from Gungrave O.D.
Xbox Team Xbox has posted a hands-on look at Tenchu: Return from Darkness.
GameBoy Advance IGN goes hands-on with Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge and has the box art for Mario Golf: Advance Tour.
GameCube PS2 Xbox New media from MX Unleashed (PS2, Xbox) is up at GameSpot tonight, Planet GameCube has new shots from Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (GC, PS2, Xbox) and IGN has new media from Fight Night 2004 (PS2, Xbox).
Console Game of the Evening: The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES. "Bayou Billy may go on past the very first alligator, but I've never seen it done, and will not believe that even a Game Genie can do it unless you show me personally." (submitted by f1xxx3r).