Desert Combat 0.5L Released

The latest version of the immensely popular Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat has been released and of course you can find it on FileShack. In addition to the client release there are also dedicated server files for Windows and Linux. Version 0.5L of Desert Combat requires the BF1942 1.5 patch and offers new maps, new weapons and new vehicles.

New in 0.5 US Air - AV-8a Harrier, AV-8c Harrier, AV-8m Harrier, UH-60q, UH-60l Hand Weapons - Car-15, Mk23, SA-19 Anti Air Rocket IRAQ Land - Panstyr (Anti Aircaft Truck) Air - MI-8 Helicopter - Mobile Spawn Point Stationary - NVST Machine Gun Hand Weapons - PSS