3dfx Financials & Demise?

Not a whole lot going down for the evening, if you're extra bored you can check out the 3dfx financial report as well as this VE article talking about the supposed demise of 3dfx. It's more of that T&L chest beating stuff which will certainly entertain the hardware buffs out there. My 2 cents, no single graphics card will dominate the market for 2 years anymore the market is a different place now. To draw such radical conclusions from the Voodoo4/5 announcement just boggles my mind. Of course that was the intent of the article to generate a response though eh? While we are on the 3fdx kick, Beyond3D has an explanation for just what the heck that Intel chip is people were wondering about in this picture of the Voodoo5 from Scott Sellers:

The purpose of the chip, according to Scott, 'is to isolate the AGP bus from the 4 chips on the V5 6000.  We need electrical isolation on the design, otherwise we would have too heavily loaded an AGP bus slot.  The Intel part serves as a bridge between the AGP bus and the 4 rendering engines...'

Oh, also Paul Steed sent me a few more videos for you guys showing off himself doing motion capture and then how it was plugged into a Quake3 character. Really pretty darn interesting. Gotta wait for the FTP situation to stabilize on that one though so we'll just shoot for tomorrow on that stuff.

update Jack Want my opinion on that article?  Too bad, you're getting it anyway :-)  For one, I love how press is really taking the T&L issue and running with it.  Is it important?  Yes.  Is it necessary yet?  That remains to be seen.  Until the technologies converge, developers will still have to write for people without T&L for awhile now, and that's not going to change.  At the same time, developers can't just cater to only a T-Buffer environment either.  And they simply don't have time to implement lots of either.

At the same time, 3dfx is going for some pretty high price points, but in the end that doesn't really matter either, as they're apparent stunning success in retail has still left them losing money overall.  The real issues about 3dfx at the moment have nothing to do with technology or retail pricing strategy, it has simply to do with the internals of the company trying to find and maintain a profitable business model in an industry where they're no longer the darling.  If technology were indeed the limiting factor, ATI would not be winning this war handily.  If retail really mattered right now, then 3dfx would be out on top.

But then again, there is the point brought up in the article about the juggernaut that is Glaze3D.  And that, my loyal readers, was sarcasm.