Late Night Consoling

Well it took us a while, but we've finally got the absolutely amazing Ninja Gaiden trailer from TGS 2003 up at FileShack. As we got absolutely zero help from anyone at Tecmo (hey, they won't return my calls), Maarten diligently had a wget session restarting over and over again for two weeks before we finally got it. So here it is, enjoy. It's shaky-cam, but it's very high-quality shaky-cam footage, and it really is awesome, with over three minutes of gameplay footage.

GameBoy Advance Sega Kicks Financial Ass gamesindustry.biz is reporting that Sega has revised their financial forecast for the first half of their fiscal year, and now expects to post a net profit of 5.7 billion yen, which is way up from their original projection of 200 million yen. The success of Sonic Adventure DX and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution are cited, as is better-than-expected arcade sales.
GameBoy Advance Nintendo Invests in Bandai In a surprising bit of news, it's been discovered that Nintendo purchased 2.7% of Bandai's public shares at the end of September, making it one of the top ten investors in the company, and this has sparked rumors that they are looking to purchase or merge with the company outright. Bandai has its hands in many, many areas that are attractive to Nintendo, including anime, toy and game sales, and Bandai is the owner of such lucrative franchises as Gundam, .hack and Digimon.
New Halo Toys Revealed Toy company JoyRide has updated their Halo page with details on their next wave of toys from the game, which will be shipping next month. Like the first batch these are some pretty darn high quality figures, and featured in this set are red and green variants of the Master Chief, plus the Elite alien and even a Ghost. There are also two sets of 3" miniature figures.
128DD? I rarely come right out and say that a rumor is complete and total hogwash, but that's just what I'm going to do with this one...GamerFeed has posted a news item relaying a rumor that's running in a Japanese gaming magazine, that suggests that Nintendo is working on an external storage device that holds removable 40GB cartridges in a manner similar to Iomega's Zip Disks. Those who have been following this industry for a long time will no doubt realize that this sounds an awful lot like Nintendo's disastrous 64DD, a moronic bit of hardware that produced Ura Zelda and not a whole lot else.
Did Activision Commit a True Crime? With just weeks to go before its release, Activision has been hit with a lawsuit from author Robert Crais, who claims that Nick Kang, the protagonist of True Crime: Streets of L.A. is a ripoff of his character Elvis Cole. The author is looking to block the game's release, which until we hear otherwise, is set for November 4th.
Are BG: DA II and Fallout: BOS Delayed? GameSpot is reporting that EB Games has changed the release dates for both Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Both of these games are at the center of Interplay's lawsuit with VU Games, although when they originally filed that suit last month, Interplay said they would distribute both themselves to insure their release this year.
Pilotwings on GameCube Successor? Computer and Video Games, which was the source for the first rumor about a new Pilotwings game that's in development at Factor 5, is now saying that the game is behind schedule, and isn't going to see the light of day until 2005. CVG goes on to say that given that timeframe, Nintendo of Japan would prefer to bump the game to their next console. While there's no substance to back this up, this wouldn't be the first time Nintendo's done something like this, and in fact they've done it many, many times, with games like Eternal Darkness being one notable example.
Nokia Hopped up on Goofballs Claiming "Strong Launch" Yeah, you read that right...in a statement on gamesindustry.biz tonight, a Nokia representative is quoted as saying that the N-Gage has sold out at many retailers, and was greeted with a "very positive" consumer response. Of course, they offer no figures to support this, and the only numbers we've seen so far have been dismal, with less than 500 units being sold in some 6,000 retailers in the UK.
Third Party GBA Player Announced UK company Datel, creator of the very cool Freeloader boot disc for GameCube has announced their latest invention: their own Game Boy Advance player. The unit is pocket-sized, and will be priced slightly cheaper than Nintendo's own player, and they're claiming full compatibility with the entire Game Boy Advance library.
MGS: The Twin Snakes Interview 1UP has conducted an interview with Denis Dyack, the head of Silicon Knights, talking with him about Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, their upcoming collaboration with both Konami and Nintendo. The questions deal with the logistics of such an arrangement, whether or not he thinks such a thing will be more common in the future, and how this game differs from the original Metal Gear Solid.
GameBoy Advance Who's there? Nintendo. Nintendo has announced a contest to promote Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga that will be judged by comedienne Kathy Griffin, where fans are asked to send in their original knock knock jokes. Four runners-up will win GBA SP systems with Mario & Luigi, while one winner will walk away with a hefty GameCube/GBA package. I'd enter, but all my knock knock jokes end with, "Dave's not here, man."
kill.switch Music Q&A HomeLAN has posted a Q&A with Kevin Manthei, the composer of the music in Namco's upcoming title kill.switch. As you would expect, the questions deal exclusively with Kevin's craft, and he talks about his background in addition to his work on this particular game.
Tak & The Power of Juju Interview GameSpot's Tak & The Power of Juju interview talks with John Blackbur of Avalanche Studios about their recently released PS2 and GameCube title. Among other things, John talks about Nickelodeon's involvement in the game's development.
GameCube Celebrity Deathmatch Fragged While I can't imagine there are going to be a whole lot of GameCube owners throwing their consoles out the window over this development, Gotham Games confirmed this week that they have canceled the GameCube version of Celebrity Deathmatch. While no official reason is stated, GameSpot's source blames "programming issues" for the game's cancellation.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Q&A A new Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Q&A is up at HomeLAN, talking with Yannis Mallat, the game's producer. Among other things, Yannis talks about the extremely positive reception the game has been getting.
Mega Onimusha A scan from a Japanese magazine that can be found over at Games Are Fun shows Mega Man.EXE from the Mega Man Battle Network GBA games, as a playable character in the upcoming fighting game Onimusha Buraiden. This makes about as much sense as the car from Daytona USA being in Fighters Megamix (okay, maybe a little bit more) but it's still cool for Mega Man fans.
GameBoy Advance Where did they find these kids? A pretty funny article is online over at 1UP, where they took a handful of kids between the ages of 9 and 12 and sat them down in front of classic games like Pong, Mario Bros. and Tetris and recorded their reactions. As entertaining as this is, I suspect that either these kids were totally clueless, or they were intentionally showboating, because I've yet to meet anyone over the age of five who couldn't grasp the concepts of Super Mario Bros. or Tetris within seconds. Especially when you consider of the fact that Nintendo keeps re-releasing those early Super Mario games and kids worldwide are eating them up with a spoon.
GameBoy Advance Misc. Media/Previews GameSpot has new previews of Kya: Dark Lineage and Monster Rancher 4 (both PS2) and new shots from Sudeki (Xbox). Over at IGN they have hands-on looks at Crash: Nitro Kart (GC, PS2, Xbox), Top Gear Rally (GBA) and Dinosaur Hunting (Xbox), along with new media from Donkey Konga (GC), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (GC, PS2, Xbox), Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA), FIFA Soccer 2004 (GC, PS2, Xbox), NBA Ballers (GC, PS2, Xbox) and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Xbox) and the first shots from Mario Golf Advance Tour (GBA). Elsewhere online, Games Are Fun links to some new movies from new clips from Resident Evil: Outbreak and has new shots from Shinseki Evangelion 2 (both PS2), GameSpy has new previews of Breakdown (Xbox) and Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm (PS2), The Magic Box has new shots from Sega 3D Ages Vol. 6 & 7 (Bonanza Bros. and Columns) and Legacy of Kain: Defiance (PS2, Xbox), CVG has new shots from Pac-Man Vs. (GC), GameInformer has new media from Time Crisis 3 (PS2) and 1UP has new previews of Maximo vs. The Army of Zin (PS2) and Amped 2 (Xbox). And finally, we've got Namco's promo trailer for Nina (PS2) up at FileShack.
Console Game of the Evening: Comix Zone for the Sega Genesis. "The first game I saw with serious style, and something that hasn't been tried again for awhile (Viewtiful Joe!!)" (submitted by rogleader).