Late Night Consoling

For a couple of weeks now, I've been getting occasional reports from people who say the first story here every night has some kind of wacky pagination going on. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, but I think I did this evening. I assume those of you reporting a problem are talking about the right side of the first story? As far as I can tell, this only affects IE6, and try as I can to find an explanation, I can't find one. My guess is that it's related to the advertising code, but that doesn't mean there's anything I can do about it. I'm thinking this is happening because of some dumbass way IE is handling the layout code, and I'm stumped to try and find a workaround. Does anyone have any suggestions? Keep in mind that I can't alter the advertising code, just the table code. Suggestions are of course appreciated greatly.

PS2 ICO II News This Week?
According to PS2.IGN, this week's issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu will reveal the next project from the team behind the well-regarded game ICO. Since news from Famitsu tends to hit the web pretty quickly, we may have some indication of this as soon as tomorrow.
Xbox Fable Bumped to 2004
Computer and Video Games is reporting that the Lionhead/Big Blue Box RPG Fable has been pushed back from its holiday release date to spring 2004. I missed it at E3, but I heard from several people that it was much farther along (and less ambitious) than they had expected, so this is sort of surprising.
GameCube PSOne
Silicon Knights Interview
GameSpy has conducted an interview with Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights, the developers of such games as Eternal Darkness and the seminal PSX game Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It's an excellent interview, and Denis comments on all of the company's various projects, including Too Human (which was the original version of Eternal Darkness for the N64) and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Thanks Slashdot Games for the tip.
PS2 Ecco Meets Jaws?
The first details and screenshot from Sole Predator, the next game from Ecco the Dolphin creators Appalossa Interactive, are up at GameSpot tonight. Where Ecco was gentle, this game puts you in the role of a shark being driven insane by low-frequency waves given off by oil drilling. Your goal is then to devour the oil crews, and these enemies are said to have "64 points of disconnection" for you to choose from.
Xbox KOTOR Live Details
IGN has posted some details on the downloadable content that's in the works for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Basically we can look forward to new weapons, armor and items (sorry, no extra planets), but specifics are still being worked out.
PS2 GameSpy Hitz
GameSpy and Midway announced today that they have reached an agreement, and GameSpy will be providing online middleware for their upcoming sports titles. While it was recently revealed that GameSpy offers GameCube networking middleware, it would appear that today's announcement is exclusively for the PS2 version of these games.
PS2 Beta Test SOCOM II
Speaking of GameSpy, they are taking applications for an upcoming limited beta test of SOCOM II. In order to apply you have to first sign up for their e-SEALs thingie, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what exactly that is. On a related note, UGO has a new preview of the game online.
GameCube Nintendo Memories
In celebration of the recent 20th anniversary of the Famicom, Nintendojo has posted a comprehensive look back at the system (thanks Slashdot Games). Included in their series of articles are detailed looks at the inner workings of both the Famicom and NES hardware, reviews of classic games and more.
PS2 Crank the Weasel Canceled
IGN is reporting that Midway has canned Crank the Weasel, a planned Conker's Bad Fur Day-style platformer that was announced back at E3.
GameCube PS2
Xbox GameBoy Advance
NeoGeo - thanks Sur3aL!

Misc. Media/Previews
GameSpot has new shots from Kirby's Air Ride (GC), Onimusha Tactics, Mr. Driller 2 and Mr. Nutz (all GBA), Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox), Rogue Ops (GC, PS2, Xbox) and the GC, PS2 and Xbox versions of Pitfall Harry. Over at IGN they have a hands-on look at Starsky & Hutch (PS2), new shots from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Tales of Symphonia (both GC) as well as Bulletproof Monk (PS2), Pokemon Pinball (GBA) and X-Files: Resist or Serve (PS2, Xbox). Elsewhere online, GamePro has a new collection of shots from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2), The Magic Box has the first shots from Samurai Spirits Zero (NeoGeo) and new shots from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC) and Gamers.com has new shots from DDRMAX2 (PS2) and really weird teaser images and details from Glass Rose (PS2).

Console Game of the Evening: Road Rash for the Sega Genesis. "The first motorcycle racing game that encouraged violence towards your opponents, and oh did it feel so good." (submitted by Linguica).