Eidos Owns Ion

By Steve Gibson, Nov 11, 1999 4:22am PST

It looks like all that rumbling of Ion Storm being bought out to Eidos is finally coming to a close. According to this article on GameSpot there will be an announcement tomorrow that Eidos has a 51% share of ownership of the as well as the boot being given to 2 of the owners. Todd Porter and Jerry O'Flaherty. Things on the Daikatana front have been quiet recently but supposedly Daikatana is going to ship before Christmas as well. Fear not, John Romero will still make you his bitch.

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  • If those other two guys were the problem, I wish JR all the luck in trying to get things back in order.

    dyke-banana still seems cursed.

    I think I\'d respect them (Ion) more if they didn\'t blow *all* of their cash on a penthouse suite and \"flaunt around like a bunch of pauncy hairdressers\" (name the quote). Eidos didn\'t buy them \'cause them seem like a hot ticket, they bought them to salvage themselves from handing over that big, fat check some time ago.

    Little did they realize that the Ion guys were imagining big lollipops while grabbing the cash.

    They\'re all irresponsible and \"should all be spanked\" (name the quote II)

  • Now that Eidos owns Romero, he\'ll soon have his own pair of \"sidekicks\" roaming around the office.

    They\'re called \"managers\"!

    [Somewhere high above Texas...]

    Romero: Yeeeeaaawwwnnn. Think I\'ll give an interview to three fifteen year-olds on IRC. Today\'s probably something like its 87 month anniversary, anyway.

    Manager 1: John, I want to see you in my office.

    Romero: Love to, but no can do. I have to answer a ten-question quiz from www.gamelobotomy.com! Look. Question #8, \"Bugs Bunny and Wonder Dog -- who\'d be on top?\" Oh, those webmasters slay me!

    Manager 2: We need to discuss your work habits.

    Romero: \"W-wuuuuurk\"? \"Wuuuurk?\" Is that some kind of rune?

    Manager 1: John, it\'s not like we plan to make you our bitch. We\'d just like to make...some money.

    Romero: They\'d never dare talk to me this way at a fansite! Those kids understand how long it takes to...um, grow your hair this long.

    Manager 2: I have your performance review here. Curiously, it says that since 1997, you\'ve done exactly...nothing.

    Romero: S-sidekicks! Th-three t-time zones! L-l-ens flares!

    Manager 1: John, your sex life is of no interest to us.

    Romero: All right, I can change! Give me another chance!

    Manager 2: We thought as much. That\'s why we want to introduce you to one of the most advanced weapons ever wielded by man...

    Manager 1: A most fearsome device...

    Manager 2: Its destructive energies can eliminate all resistance with a single punch...

    [They hand Romero a metallic box.]

    Romero: A...time clock?

    Manager 2: We\'re installing it at the front of the office. Just think of it as one of your wacky \"time portals.\" You step into the office, put this little card in it, and presto! You\'re a 20th century high-tech warrior!

    Romero: Really?

    Manager 1: Yeah. Then you do battle with this fierce enemy...

    Manager 2: We call him, \"Deadline.\"

    Romero: Cool!

    Managers 1 and 2: We thought you\'d see it that way.

  • Okay, so Romero and Hall and Spector will be retained (but for how long)...

    one thing you and Gamespot missed... who do you think owns the other 49%? The three leads aren\'t just employess... nice logic, Gamespot.

    including overrated girlfriends and the like. *ahem*

    why don\'t you wait to see her levels before passing judgement?

    The thing I really want to see though is the list of credits for Daikatana. The credits would have to be as long as War and Peace.

    good point, but all I care about is that it damn well better have the Stormtrooper\'s admin\'s names in there or it\'s gonna get ugly :-)

  • Speaking of ownage:

    YAHOO OWNS YOU (again)


    Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday November 11, @08:33AM EST
    from the you-gotta-be-kidding dept.

    ecampbel writes \"This patent should scare many, many different sites. Their specific invention is that they store the live data used to fill in their site?s templates in shared memory that the sub-processes that actually generate the page have access to. This method cuts down on the time it takes to generate their page since quering another server or process isn\'t necessary. What does Slashdot and the readers of Slashdot think of this new patent?\" Thats it! Nobody is allowed to cache data in shared memory space any more! Slashdot actually runs really close to this, although I cache the custom Slashboxes in httpd child memory space, not in shared memory owned by the parent Apache (hey, is there a shared memory module for perl? :) The abstract is attached below, anyone have any opinions on this one?


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    You mean like the \"complex\" tasks of flipping switches and picking up keys ? You are right, i admit that im not entirely sure if the co-op bots on cdrom.com do that. However, I hope that you arent assuming that the bots in Daikatana do those \"complex\" tasks. Because from all the information i\'ve been able gather, they dont. They just appear periodically, they\'ll attack a couple of monsters with you and help you out a bit (like the bots on cdrom.com), and then they\'ll disappear (go into the next map or whatever) and you wont see them until the next time the storyline dictates it. They dont do anything that might be termed as \"complex\" or new and you dont really \"interact\" with them. The Zeus bot for Quake1 does all of that and more.