Diablo 2 1.10 Beta Test

Guess what Blizzard finally released? That's right, the Diablo 2 1.10 patch, a beta version at least. US owners of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction are invited to test it now. The final patch will also support Diablo 2 without Lord of Destruction. Also, this from Blizzard

Please be sure to inform your readers that if they install this patch they cannot connect to Battle.net unless they revert to 1.09. Also Blizzard Tech Support cannot help with any problems with this patch. Read the readme for more details: http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/beta/readme.shtml
The 1.10 patch features a new skill system and skill rebalancing, new Horadric Cube recipes, new rune worlds and whole bunch of other new additions and changes. We have the file mirrored on FileShack.