Duke4 Not A 2003 Game

By Steve Gibson, May 29, 2003 12:25pm PDT Well here is some news I'm sure you guys werent expecting. A recent investor conference call for Take2 has revealed that Duke4 is in fact still not ready to ship, but even more so it looks like it wont show up for this holiday season either! Here's the quote:

"Analyst: Regarding Duke Nukem Forever for the PC, any chance - any possibility under the sun - that we see that this holiday season? Or at what point do you guys just pull the plug on that?

Take Two: I think in terms of possibilities under the sun for this holiday season, the answer to that is 'no.' With regards to next year, we're in a wait and see mode at this point. You know, last quarter we wrote it down substantially, so we generally already pulled the plug. And right now we're just hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish it."

The conference call also mentioned that Take2 would be scaling back their E3 presence next year and they are hoping for a Max Payne2 release around January of 2004. Also the mysterious Manhunt game is coming out by October of this year. Thanks Chris!

note: The pull the plug comment does NOT mean the game is cancelled at all. Also Scott Miller had some insight into the finance side of things when the write-downs were announced a while back.

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  • Well, it looks like this may never see the light of day. If the confidence of management is this low, and they've already said they've "pulled the plug" they don't expect it to ever be done. Part of me isn't that surprised though....the sheer lack of communication, "when it's done" be damned, is a concern. Announcing a title, and then proceeding to not show anything for two years or so is somewhat problematic. The difference between DNF, Doom 3 and HL2 is that they were announced when they were well underway. DNF wasn't. Will they ship it? Who the hell knows? I hope they do, because I love good PC games and I enjoyed DN3D. However, I'll be surprised if it happens given these comments. They don't inspire much confidence.