Breed Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 23, 2003 8:36am PDT

After many delays, the Breed demo is finally here. The demo is a 142mb download, and it's not exactly clear what's included, though it is singleplayer only. Thanks BreedFiles. It's recommended that you have a 1.5Ghz machine, 256mb of RAM and a 64mb Direct3D compatible videocard that supports hardware T&L to play the game.

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  • What's really amazing is the shallow "it's shit" complaints. If there is something particular that (you) feel is lacking, spell it out. Out of all the comments I've read, two had some actual substance to them. That being said: I think the game has some good potential. It runs great (also a good thing) in regards to Fps. The demo is just that, a demo; it gives a great sense of what the game is about, and commanding a little mini squad [B]an/B] being able to play as any of them, in game, and switching to any of them at will, is pretty damn cool. This particular mission was a pain in the butt, in the sense that you seem to be overwhelmed by enemies that just come out of no where (#297). I completely agree that the enemies "appearing" is not so good. Again, it's a beta demo (FREE). I think what will make or break the multi is going to be the netcode (duh). But the foundation is there. The game has great potential as a multi, and if a couple of little things get hammered out, the single will be a blast too. I was fairly impressed by what I experienced with this demo. It was well worth the download, and unlike many other demo's I've downloaded, it was fun.