Breed Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 23, 2003 8:36am PDT

After many delays, the Breed demo is finally here. The demo is a 142mb download, and it's not exactly clear what's included, though it is singleplayer only. Thanks BreedFiles. It's recommended that you have a 1.5Ghz machine, 256mb of RAM and a 64mb Direct3D compatible videocard that supports hardware T&L to play the game.

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  • Wow, you guys are a bunch of whining baby's aren't you? Based on the comments here I expected to see something akin to... I dunno, Daikatana - when I started playing, but luckily I never actually listen to all the jaded shells of gamers that roam the wastes of the shackforums, and decided to give it a try.

    I played it at 1024x769x24 with 8x Ansio and 4x, (radeon 9700 pro) and it ran fine. Never dipped below 45-60 FPS I'd guess.

    Of ALL the complaints about this game, the only ones that are actual problems that need to be addressed are:

    1) Most importantly, they need to fix the head bob. It's like the characters spines and necks are fused together into one solid bone. I've played nearly every FPS to hit the PC, and this is the only one that ever gave me a headache from just walking around.

    2) The announcer's voice is pretty laughable, it's not a problem really, it's just not inspiring to listen to some guy try and whisper in a gravely voice at you during the mission briefings. That and the... Canadian accent? Who else says "hood" ? I half expected him to say "Look in you hood and you'll see aboot 3 breed you need to kill, eh?"

    3) Would a mouse in the menu screen be so hard?

    4) Walking up hills is annoyingly slow.

    5) Sounds (weapons especially) could have a lot more boom to them.

    That's about it, the only really major gameplay affecting issue is the headbob. That was just annoying. Sure this isn't an AAA title, but with some polish, it could be an A title, not the negative triple F title that you'd think it was from reading the comments here.