Updated Chaser Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 09, 2003 10:13am PDT

The official Chaser website has been updated with word of an updated demo for the game, which you can grab from FileShack. Version 1.30 of the demo fixes clipping issues, EAX sound issues and addresses a weapon selection bug as well. Thanks Blues News.

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  • I wanted to like this game. Instead,
    This game is uninspired and very cheaply crafted for production value. Fighting dozens of clones of each other in a boring sewer with retarded jumping puzzles is not fun. With stuff like DX2 coming out in a few months, how can they get prepared to release this junk? The sound effects are poor and muffled, like I'm fighting in a room with shag carpetting on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Enemy animations and models are about two years ago. Moreover, the enemies are shooting like Zeus bots did back in the day, only these guys stand in one place and fire, as if they were braindead.

    More than anything though, the very idea that I am in a repetitive sewer with identical crates stacked in my path and floating in the water is so stupidly absurd that it made me uninstall it. Falling in the water, then having to stand on a crate to get out, is used a game tactic when you know the developers simply can't think of anything else. In addition, the level design is such that the dev's intended the player to fall in the water at least once, since some of the jumps are just under the maximum distance the player can jump when running. It's like they're showing off the stupid crates or something. Lastly, I can't break the fuggin' crates, or even move them unless they are flagged as such!

    I hate this game. If the actual game is better, then I'll never know until someone else tells me after playing it, because the demo they've released to show it off is atrocious. Chaser = teh suck.

  • To the devs -

    Good job. Nice engine and yummy gfx made me give this demo a serious try. And I can say it plays better than Unreal 2, Devastation, Red Faction 2 and New World Order. Actually I'm thinking of getting a copy when it comes out. But somehow here's my list of complaints anyway:

    1. Movement - feels way too 'skating' or it's just too fast. Also fix the way the main character jumps while u're at it plz. Why can't I get out of water without jumping on the crates first?

    2. Combat - enemies' godlike aiming coupled with seemingly unlimited respawns(even at the EASY difficulty) = total frustration, not sense of tension u might have intended. Half-Life wasn't easy the first time around but at least it was 'convincingly hard' so players were actually encouraged to beat it. Maybe there had to be other types of enemies in this demo than just hundreds of 'ninjas'.

    3. On a personal note, I think the gun sounds should be bumped up a little. Guns, in overall recoils pretty nice but feels a bit weak.

  • The engine in this game is terrific, really good looking and super fast, but what they need to fix is the gameplay. All you fight in the demo level is cyborg ninjas that make these little electronic burps when they see you. I don't mind that they're crack shots, I was able to beat the demo on the third or fourth try, but there's just something about fighting blah bad guys that doesn't interest me. I don't really like the way they move either. They skate a lot, and don’t move realistically. :P

    This game seems to be yet another in a growing line of games that have a good art and tech team, but bad game designers. Unreal 2 and Devastation fit into this category nicely.

    That being said, I’ll DL the new demo and try it out, while I’m waiting for the updated Will Rock demo. :)

  • I played through the original demo and it looked pretty good, although the badies have unbelievable aim and it's a bit frustrating sometimes. The water looks totally awesome, although I noticed that the 'reflections' are not real. It's some sort of cheat with a ripply texture applied. If you look at the puddles in the rain, the image in the water has nothing to do with what is actually beyond the puddle and should be reflected (ie red lights, when there aren't any coloured lights in the little tokyo level). I did really like the way some of the boarded windows broke up when shot - looked quite realistic. Too bad that the levels were so completely non-interactive. My only other comment is how smoothly the game played. It looked really good with reasonable physics (you shoot someone in the arm and they get jerked to the side...) and yet gave me completely smooth performance on my Radeon 8500. I was expecting it to be more jerky with all the graphics options dialed up... Don't think I will buy this one, but it was fun to goof around with for an hour.