Pentium 4 CPU Delay

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 14, 2003 8:50am PDT

As you can see in the hardware reviews list below, Intel today launched a new chipset and a new 3Ghz Pentium 4 CPU to go with it. We won't actually be able to buy this CPU just yet though, as Intel has delayed shipment of it. Last minute tests showed some anomalies and Intel is currently investigating how bad the problem is.

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  • I need to upgrade my computer (well, my processor, RAM, and mobo) here in the next few months...right now I have an AMD 760 based mobo (epox POS, its an 8k7a and its given me problems so I'm eager to get something better), and an AthlonXP 1500+. Its definately getting long in the tooth (more so than I generally like, I'm way behind on my annual upgrade) so I decided that I'd go with either an AthlonXP 400MHz Barton based platform or an Intel P4 800Mhz based platform (albeit maybe with a 533Mhz FSB processor to begin with and I'll upgrade later when I have to...depends on whether they release a lower speed 800FSB around the $200 mark (I don't pay a lot for things I intend to replace in around a year or so)). Right now I'm leaning towards the P4 in a big way since its damned hard to crack the core putting on a HSF, and I see it as giving me more upgrading room...the AthlonXP is pretty much riding off into the sunset now with the Athlon64 coming out (and I don't want to wait for the A64 for a number of reasons...including that I'd rather wait a year for better A64's).