Devastation Shipping

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 25, 2003 6:30am PST

Arush Entertainment sends along word that Devastation is now shipping to stores. The game contains 22 singleplayer levels, 14 multiplayer levels and will be in stores for $39.99. For more info read the press release or check the official site.

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  • i played the demo for a couple of rounds.

    movement seemed painfully slow, but that may be configurable per server (although with all the cs kids complaining about how ut2k3 was too fast to play, i don't have much hope of anybody running a more arcade style server).

    the useable objects DEFINITELY need some way to tell how far you're going to throw them. I could never do more than drop anything.

    but by far the most satisfying moment in the demo was when I was on the roof of some building and some guy was coming up the ladder, and I dropped an oil barrel on him and killed him. great potential there, if they'll patch in some much needed (interface/gameplay) polish (and as mentioned many times, some improved netcode)