Devastation Shipping

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 25, 2003 6:30am PST

Arush Entertainment sends along word that Devastation is now shipping to stores. The game contains 22 singleplayer levels, 14 multiplayer levels and will be in stores for $39.99. For more info read the press release or check the official site.

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  • I must admit, im not big on the demo. I hope they add another patch to it, possibly with a single map for the territories mode and show people whats cool about the game. frankly im bored to death with DM, TDM, and CTF and that doesn't really spark any interest with me.

    but most of all, fraterate needs to be close to doubled and the netcode improved. the current stage of the demo both of these apsects are just not acceptable. granted its a demo and little billy likes to run a 16 player server on his mommies DSL, but there are servers out there with good admins that have them configured properly but still the netcode is laggy and there is a bit of teleportation which is not cool.

  • i played the demo for a couple of rounds.

    movement seemed painfully slow, but that may be configurable per server (although with all the cs kids complaining about how ut2k3 was too fast to play, i don't have much hope of anybody running a more arcade style server).

    the useable objects DEFINITELY need some way to tell how far you're going to throw them. I could never do more than drop anything.

    but by far the most satisfying moment in the demo was when I was on the roof of some building and some guy was coming up the ladder, and I dropped an oil barrel on him and killed him. great potential there, if they'll patch in some much needed (interface/gameplay) polish (and as mentioned many times, some improved netcode)