Deus Ex 2 Interview

By Steve Gibson, Mar 23, 2003 9:02am PST As every RPG lover in the world is getting hot and bothered over the thought of Deus Ex 2, have a look at this interview at HomeLAN with a couple of people from the development team. There are some purty screenshots included.

You will see much-improved versions of weapons from the first game making a return, as well as a lot of completely new ones. The turret launcher in particular has great potential; just imagine launching your own turret wherever you want, then flipping on your bot domination biomod and taking full control of your own turret to mow down the bad guys - and let's not forget that the magrail fires through walls. mag rail + thermal vision = the ultimate assassin.  We also have much better weapon mods than the first game, instead of using hidden math (4% more accuracy, etc), these mods totally change how a weapon works. One of my favorites is the glass destabilizer; you can avoid setting off alarms when breaking glass with this one, which strikes the glass and silently melts it with a really nice visual effect. And then we've got the tracking computer weapon mod which....well....I'll let you guess from the name. We can’t give away all of our secrets just yet.

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    mmmm, Deus Ex 2.

    I had such a good time just exploring in the first one. I remember in china, I swum in the channels, found a hole in the ground deep down, swum all the way through it, and ended up in a collapsed highway tunnel, it had a buncha crazy dinosaur mutant dudies I had to cap, but then far up one end of it, there was a bio mod. So totally awesome to be rewarded that well for exploring. The only disappointing part was, by the end of the game, I had more biomods than I could use. Which kinda sucked :(

  • HomeLAN - The original story was extremely dense and detailed. How deep will the storyline be for Invisible War and will there be more than one ending to the game?

    Harvey Smith - Same lead writer, Sheldon Pacotti. Plus we've added a new writer, Sarah Paetsch. We're creating the same style story and dialogue. It's an action-RPG thriller where you never know who to trust.


    The fact that you weren't sure who to trust in the first Deus Ex, was one of its strongest points. There are no other games with such strong paranoia! Long live Deus Ex!

  • Deus Ex 2 will rock! It is the only cyberpunk paranoid non-linear RPG FPS! You can play the game like it was Quake: kill all, let someone else clean up, or you can play the game like Theif: sneak, snoop, steal, and slither your way through the game.

    Not only that, but they are making the game more dynamic and less scripted. Getting us closer and closer to a true sandbox RPG. Animations, sound, and physics are going to be very detailed and dynamic this time around. There will be a million and 1 ways to solve this game.

    My money is on Deus Ex 2 for game of the year... whatever year that may be.

  • A good example is our stationary turret which is equipped with a flamethrower. When a player tries to get by they are set instantly on fire. The player can use his fire extinguisher to put himself out, but that still doesn't get him to the other side of the turret. Then inspiration strikes! The player hurls the fire extinguisher toward the turret and shoots it, causing it to explode in a cloud of fire retardant gas. Now the player can pass through the narrow corridor as the gas suppresses the turret’s weapon.

    Now that's fucking cool. I can't wait for this game just so I can see what other cool shit like that they put in it.