Deus Ex 2 Interview

As every RPG lover in the world is getting hot and bothered over the thought of Deus Ex 2, have a look at this interview at HomeLAN with a couple of people from the development team. There are some purty screenshots included.

You will see much-improved versions of weapons from the first game making a return, as well as a lot of completely new ones. The turret launcher in particular has great potential; just imagine launching your own turret wherever you want, then flipping on your bot domination biomod and taking full control of your own turret to mow down the bad guys - and let's not forget that the magrail fires through walls. mag rail + thermal vision = the ultimate assassin.  We also have much better weapon mods than the first game, instead of using hidden math (4% more accuracy, etc), these mods totally change how a weapon works. One of my favorites is the glass destabilizer; you can avoid setting off alarms when breaking glass with this one, which strikes the glass and silently melts it with a really nice visual effect. And then we've got the tracking computer weapon mod which....well....I'll let you guess from the name. We can’t give away all of our secrets just yet.