Devastation MP Demo Fix

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 21, 2003 9:31pm PST

Arush Entertainment sends along this performance fix for the Devastation multiplayer demo, fixing the extreme frame rate loss and connection lags that people are experiencing. A patch fixing server browser issues, miscellaneous gameplay issues, physics, and other problems will be released in the coming weeks. According to Arush, the performance problems only exist in the demo, and not in the retail version of the game.

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  • If you guys want to say you don't like the game remember to do it politely ;-D, and if you want it to be of help try to point out what can be improved in the game. You're in front of a developer that is "closely" listening to what you're saying. I find this admirable when I think of how other developers work.

    Constructive critisism is what we need, and not plain bashing. This is a capitalistic society, yes... but I find it kind of rude to bash the hard work of someone else like some ppl here are doing. Even from the point of view of the customer an objective and constructive type of critisism can sometimes be better than a plain "it stinks".

    Just my 2 cents,

    PS: I'm not a developer of the game nor have nothing to do with it (in case you're wondering).

  • Holy fark ! This game ROCKS !!
    Stable as fark to me..framerate is good, netcode seems to be just fucking fine, was playing ctf with 8-12 players for about 2 hours with a ping of 120-140 and it was smooth and accurate 99% of the time....didnt seem to notice anything wrong with it.

    Weapon arsenal is great, lots of variation, looks good.
    Playermodels look great, physics feels good..but yeah, some of the weapon sounds seems a tad on the weak side..but it dont bother me that much, I really have yet to find a game where the weapon sounds fit me 100%.

    Anyways...I never even heard of this game until i saw the demo, but im glad i gave it a shot even though all the "l337 shackers" was talking all bullcrappy about it.

    Im gonna play some more now! =)

  • My guess is that there will be a patch available when this thing hits retail shelves in a couple of weeks, I dont mean to nit-pick, but this shouldnt be the way that it should have to be, seems like the publishers any more care more about the income than any of the playability of the games they release. I noticed ddog seems to be one of the devs, or works close to the devs or something, but here is something to remember, first of all we are gamers, not your dev friends who are going to hold your hand and tell you your game is all-right and all the thousands of voices we have are all wrong. When we see something wrong, we are going to complain about it till we see it is fixed, or atleast addressed, or goes ignored.... I mean hell look at how bad we talk to George Brussard from 3DRealms ;P Dont take everything you see on here personally, its nothing to jump at, hell if anything its something to look at and say "Well this needs to be addressed now, or in a future patch." This is a site dedicated to gamers and gaming news (One of the best if I may add *wipes his nose off*.) and we feel we are free to express our opinion here, just because you are watching doesnt mean we are going to kiss your ass, or any other devs ass...your a developer, yeah we may respect you to a certain degree, because you give us what we love (Games, not teh sex)but we are not the type of people to just sit here and go "MAN THIS GAME IS TEH SHIZZLE" for everything released, hell look at all the gone gold, announcements, reviews and you can see that. Alot of us were just really hyped about the preview that Maarten gave us, and feel when the demo (Of an ALREADY gone gold game) comes out to feel rushed, and unfortunatly incomplete (in my opinion atleast) it was kind of a let down. I still have high hopes for the single player game, but I think I am going to have to see what others think, and let a couple of patchs go through before I even think about buying it. Though I will have to say gg for getting this patch out asap, it atleast feels playable now. </ends stupid rant> Sorry guys.