Devastation MP Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 20, 2003 9:59pm PST

As promised, though quite a bit later than expected, the Devastation multiplayer demo has been released. The 181mb demo offers two levels (CTF and DM modes available) from the full game, which will be in stores soon. More info on the game can be found at the official site.

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  • Hey guys, Digitalo is hard at work correcting the performance issues for the MP demo and we will have an official announcement sometime soon. As soon as we get something ready, we will let you know.

    I just wanted to make sure that you all know that the performance issue is ONLY in the MP demo, and does not appear in the retail version. This issue is in the process of being fixed for the demo. Again, the problem does NOT appear in the retail version of the multiplayer game; it is only in the demo.

    Thanks to everyone that hasn't lost their heads and have been so very patient and understanding. We're doing our best to give you the best possible experience.

    D-Dogg ARUSH

  • "Digitalo is working on a patch which will address most of the technical, gameplay, and audio issues that have been reported in the Devastation MP Demo within the past eighteen hours. It's a little too soon to construct a valid ETA yet, but rest assured that the team is thoroughly committed to this, and will work as fast as they can to resolve as much as possible, as quickly as possible, for all versions of the game, demo and retail.

    We appreciate all the feedback, and encourage you to continue posting your issues in the forums. Please make sure to be as specific as possible, and provide us with your system specs every time you post a bug.

    Thanks again for your support."


    As much as i want to judge this demo for its less than stellar performance and netcode (understatement) its pretty clear that something got totally borked. people i talk with are saying that in previous builds they got >100FPS and the netcode was 10X better, lets see what digitalo can do with the upcoming patch.

  • See, this is why I didn't hype this game at all in my mind. I didn't listen to the voices on the shack saying how great the game is. When I heard people going "oh wow look how great it is" I didn't say a word. Infact I think a lot of the time I was about to say "too many shitty games out there, this one could be just like the rest" but I just let the game speak for itself.

    Well there you have it, another shitty game overhyped by everyone. I just wonder when people will stop hyping games. If anything this game could have been good if it wasn't labeled as something more than it is. At least then people would give it's issues a bit more of a chance.

  • I tried the demo...the PC I tried it on wasn't all that great but here are my first impressions:

    It was pretty much like most people said: MEH! I'd really wanted this to be good...just like I'd really wanted UT2003 to be better than it was. This had potential...but after playing it I don't see myself buying it unless it gets a lot better. The interaction is cool, but it feels more like a gimick than anything else. There are some serious clipping issues with objects as well and it felt like a lot of cool ideas that needed better execution.

    I was interested in it as a mod platform but I don't really see much to make it a better choice than UT2k3...maybe if they polish it up a bit with some patches it might get better, but right now I'm not impressed and I really wanted to be.

  • Most of the complaints here are tied to a single bug, IMO. I *believe* that there is something with the netcode + physics engine tanking the game. I set up a server with the following stats:

    Athlon XP 1600
    512 DDR
    Geforce 3
    nforce Audio
    12mbit ADSL

    When only I was in the server, the game ran fine. Good feel, good framerate, good physics. As soon as the first person joined, something started to feel wrong. It was still "ok" but my spider sense was tingling. After the server total went to 4 people, it was lagging terribly. Lagging is not the right word, it was CHOPPING. Each player was slowing the game exponentially. So at one player the game was great, but at 9 players it was totally unplayable. Of course, you can't set the max # of players in the SETUP screen (doh!) so essentially every game will bog down and die.

    Once this physics / netvode bug gets worked out I think the game will be pretty enjoyable.


  • My take on it

    Guns - Poor guns. They don't feel right, and you don't feel in touch with them. The sounds aren't any good either.

    Finding a Server - Well every server wasn't dedicated but there's no way to tell that from the screen. Lowest ping I had was 156.

    Gameplay - Netcode to me was terrible, I finally found a server where I was pinging 115 and I was teleporting everywhere. The framerate sucks absolute ass. I was playing this on an ATI 9700 and the framerate dropped way down several times. On a Geforce 4 Ti4200 I couldn't even play it in 1024.768 I had to use 800x600.

    Characters - They are kind of cool but they just kind of blend into the background and sometimes it's hard to make them out.

    Maps - Looks like just a bunch of shit was tossed out onto a level without really thinking them out. Looks like no thought was given to strategy, camping points, squeeze points etc...

    Overal Impression - Had the promise to be a really really fun game. I was expecting something fun like duke nukem or something with all the interaction, sadly the only interaction was me shooting a barell with a bad explosion animation. I ended up deleting this one on my hard drive after 1 hour of trying to get it working and playing time. How dissapointing.

    Graphics 7/10
    Sounds 3/10
    Gameplay 4/10
    Fun-factor 3/10
    Overall 4.5/10


  • Damnit; I wanted to like this game so much. The screenies made me wiggle with anticipation. After playing it, it seems to me that a ton of work needs to be done on this before they release it. It runs like pond water on my system (2700+/512MB/9700 Pro) and the netcode is simply horrible.

    There was no way this demo was tested on the internet before it was released. I don't think anyone would have released this if they saw how bad the netcode was. It starts out with pretty decent (100 - 150ms) pings, then leaps to 600-1000ms, and before you know it, you're over a second behind. :(