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By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 14, 2003 6:45am PST

There's a new thread on the forums, where questions are being answered about the next game in the Tribes franchise by the Sierra producer. Expect quite a few no comment replies though.

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  • Come on Maahn, help us out a little bit here!!

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    • Interpretation: T3 will focus on non-player elements (turrets, vehicles, etc) no more than T2. We already know that they're trying to get back to the player-versus-player roots of T1, so I wouldn't expect Tribes 1942 here.

      I'd tag these for easy reading if it really mattered. But it doesn't, so... More: "First it's not going to be called Tribes 3. As for your question, Tribes (the franchise) is at its heart about people fighting people. Earth/Starsiege is about vehicles fighting vehicles. From a general standpoint Tribes the Next will have vehicles, and they will be fun and useful, but not primary. "

      "A: If you consider your current computer low end you will have to upgrade to play this game (or any game that comes out around the same time). We're at 3+ GHz now, and probably 4 or 5 by the end of this year. I don't think it's reasonable to think that a 400 Mhz machine would run a game that also pushes the bounds of a 4000 Mhz machine."

      From the sound of this, the game won't be a graphical slouch. Though that was to be expected... heck, T2 still looks pretty darn good these days.

      "In fact, Marweas and I got more resistance to doing anything for T2 than for starting a new Tribes project. "Tribes the Next" was easy to get going in comparison to Classic, TR2 and the new maps. "

      Translation: Publisher like Tribes franchise. Publisher want more money from Tribes. Publisher hate Tribes 2, it big stinky money hole.

      "Currently we do plan to have waypoints."

      Excellent, this means they're not totally Quakifying the game. They're still going for the base-assault strategy-factor of Tribes, or else they wouldn't even bother with waypoints and a large command-style map which would be necessary to use them.

      Also, they're obviously going to make the game more approachable for new players. Less of an initial learning curve will probably make for an overall less skill-based game... but who cares if the game takes lots of skill, when only a handful of people have the skill necessary to play (T2 and T1). More: "From a T2 perspective we want to make the introduction to the game easier, but the top end much higher." We can only hope for the best! At least until the public beta comes along and we can complain.