Ask About Tribes 3

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 14, 2003 6:45am PST

There's a new thread on the forums, where questions are being answered about the next game in the Tribes franchise by the Sierra producer. Expect quite a few no comment replies though.

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  • Hehe, as a dev, I thought this guy WAS a prick but nobody save for one guy really
    took him up on it, the rest of the guys/gals were too busy kissing his ass to
    notice Thrax's next job will most likely be at RWS (Sorry Vin..)

    As a true fan and ex-competitive Tribes1 player, Im slighty worried, of course
    keeping in mind that if you let the average publisher say whatever they want,
    you get exactly that; Someone who probably has never made a game, telling
    fans/modders/pro players of a franchise their oppinion dont mean a flying f*ck..

    Oh well :)

    Have faith in the people making the game; the people actually skilled enough
    to pour their lives into a game, not some rich twit sitting in an 50th floor office
    reading about features from other games from PCgamer and ordering his pawns to
    implement them.

    Of course Im not talking about MY bosses, Im very lucky, and of course publishers
    are a very important link in the chain, but they are just that, a link. I remember a time
    where you could make a game with a bunch of talented people, 25x25 office
    and several credit cards and loans. The best publishers are the ones that
    let people DO THEIR JOBS, instead of wanting to put their dirty stamp on everything.

    I heard stories of EA producers calling up teams and telling them (For a racing title):

    "We need to make the player feel the leather on the seats, the huge tits on the bimbo
    sitting next to you"

    That sums it all up.