REAL Duke 4 Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 01, 1999 1:49pm PST Out with the scanned screenshots..Here's the real deal. Unreal-engine Duke Nukem Forever screenshots. Looking great (image links fixed):

More? [shot1] [shot2] [shot 3] [shot 4] [shot 5] [shot 6] [shot 7] [shot 8] [shot 9] [shot 10] . If this won't blow up the server, nothing will :) Oh yeah, you can also download this zip with the 10 shots in high resolution.

Also for those who want to know, these shots were taken with a Voodoo 3 card, because of the older Unreal drivers 3DR is using it doesn't like Direct 3D as much. This is why they will be upgrading to Unreal Tournament code, to get all that fixed.

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  • George Broussard mention that DNF has a per poly hit detection. He mentions that it is used to make sensitive hit/reaction animations, but will it be \"realistic\" ? I mean, if you shoot a person in both his knee, will he then:
    1) make some kind of \"knee-hit-animation\", and then after the hit still be able to run and jump like nothing ever happened....
    2)... or will he make the \"animation\" and then fall to the ground. And then because of the knee shoots he can only crawl ?

    I haven\'t seen that \"knock out\" effect, that being hit by a bullet causes, in any 1\'st person shooter. I just hate it when you shoot someone in the chest by a shootgun, and after the smoke clears he is still there, only difference is some % off his health.

  • OK, I\'m going to post all the comments made by the guys at 3DRealms from this messageboard and others that I\'ve found as well since some of you are lazy bastards :)


    >>> And isnt it funny how Scott Miller says they \"rarely\" steal content from Army of Darkness, yet theres the Chainsaw for an arm!! <<<

    There\'s a difference between \'rarely\' and \'never.\' I never said \'never.\' ;-)

    Scott Miller

    >>Theres something about the Casino screenshot that really bugs me tho.
    Look at the Shell Casing. Its square, WtF??!?!

    Haha! One of those little game-isms that comes through in a shot, but you NEVER notice while the game is running ;) If it\'ll make you happy, we\'ll make the shells 32 sides and LOD them, ok? ;) Just saving polys where we can...

    George Broussard, 3D Realms

    Shots were taken on a Voodoo 3 at 1024x768. All textures are 256x256 and below. Skin sizes on characters are the same as Unreal Tournament (although what we are doing with the same space is quite different... thus squeezing out a *lot* of detail).

    The machines the game is being developed on are no different than what most of you hardcore gamers already have. Probably not even as good! :) The trick is getting it to run *well* on the guys who are still behind the curve of technology. Which is obviously a goal as that was a large part of what helped Duke be so popular is so many people could play it on their systems.

    Charlie Wiederhold

    >>> I sorry but the whole duke thing is getting mighty boring for us end users. 1000 duke addons, 1000 console game..
    Boring!! Duke might be buttering your bread 3drealms but it\'s old move on!! Maybe a new and fresh idea would be nice... <<<

    There will be plenty of new and fresh ideas (and characters) in DNF. An important design goal with this game is to change things up a lot and redefine the genre in several fun ways, and those ways are not represented in any of these screen shots. Have a little faith. Yes, this game is taking awhile, but it will be worth it. One of our goals is to make DNF the most insanely interactive FPS ever released, and that level of realism and interactively is not easy (note how Tresspasser tried and failed). Look at many of our competitors games and you see very limited interactivity with the levels--most items are in the world just for looks. All these years later Duke 3D is still one of the most intereactive games ever released, and DNF will blow Duke 3D away.

    BTW, the team here is quite jazzed by all the positive comments. =)

    Scott Miller


    >>> So what kind of level of realism and interactively are we talking about in lets say, a strip club? :) <<<

    Let\'s just say our stripper won\'t let you down. (Assuming you got a big enough, um... bill.) ;)

    Scott Miller


    >>Hey, if you look in the screenshot with the rocketship blasting off in the background, The countdown clock reads 00:02:07. What\'s up with that? New levels of realism my ass ;)

    haha! I asked John Anderson (level designer about that), then he showed me. It\'s a POST launch timer ;) :02:07 into the launch after the countdown.

    >>I\'d like to know what the ETA is as well.
    >>so when is it going out? Next month? 6 months? Next year?...

    DNF will not be out in the immediate future. It is a 2000 game and not Q1, so at least 6+ months out. This was merely a \"preview\" of things to come for PC Gamer. The good news is that this is also the worst the game will look and it will only get better from here

    >>Unreal wasnt that slow, besides Tim Sweeney said that there going to be releasing another patch for Unreal when they ship UT that should bring D3D performance up to the same level as UT.

    UT is really fast in Glide. The D3D drivers can likely use some work. But framerate and action are our #1 concern. We don\'t want to ship a slow slug of a game, as people won\'t play it.

    >>these screenshots look good. the textures are amazing.. and things look higher poly than unreal. which makes me wonder. if unreal is damn slow. how slow is this mother gonna be?

    From what I\'ve read the poly counts are in like with Quake 3. We use 900-1000 polys per model and a dynamic level of detail system to remove polys at a distance. We just have very detailed textures and use lot\'s of photo source, so the detail stands out a lot more.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! The team is really excited now. You get kind of tired of looking at your own work day in and day out, so it\'s good to hear comments from a fresh perspective.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms



    >.BTW, is it true that DNF will have location-specific damage, like Soldier of Fortune? Shooting a guy in the jewels and hearing Duke saying, \"Damn, that hurts!\" as only he can would be a riot...

    Yes. Been in a long time. We have per poly hit detection. And once you combine that with motion captured animations, you can then do context sensitive hit/reaction animations that look incredibly real.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms


    >>> The first, various shots have fire from a gun or the fountain at the Mirage (AKA Menage). It just doesn\'t seem as cool as the fire in Max Payne. <<<
    Some of the art and effects in these shots are placeholder, waiting for the good stuff to be completed. Fear not. ;-)

    Scott Miller


    >>The first, various shots have fire from a gun or the fountain at the Mirage (AKA Menage). It just doesn\'t seem as cool as the fire in Max Payne. The shot showing an explosion inside a warehouse/building of some sort looks good, though.
    Well first, when a game runs at full speed you don\'t analyze the effects as much And second we haven\'t integrated our particle effects system yet, so they shoudl get better. And third, Remedy has the best particle effects I\'ve ever seen, so I\'m not sure we can match them

    >>Secondly is the Menage building. Is that a enviromap as the building with an actual structure below? It looks blurred as environmental maps tend to be.

    Just a really, really big poly and the texture gets stretched. Again, nothing you really notice while playing, but in a static shot it stands out more.

    >>Is that a ID/Barcode tag on the police officer\'s face? Or is it a scar?

    It\'s a bar code tatoo kind of deal.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms


    In general if you can run UT smoothly you should be ok for DNF. But I recommend more memory (always good). 128 megs, and a Voodoo 3/4, TNT 2/Ge-Force etc for graphics.
    The game will run on less, but the above don\'t cost that much and as the game is still a good bit from being done, you will probably improve your systems anyway

    We\'ll post more specific specs once we get closer to release.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms


    Dark Angel,
    >>I wonder if they can make the eyes blink and the mouth move when he talks.

    But of course

    George Broussard, 3D Realms


  • My two cents:
    For everything there is a season...
    Lots o\' bitchin\' about who\'s got the best of what going on. Lots o\' id fans bashing unreal fans, and vice versa. Curious loyalty.

    I don\'t know why people don\'t like Q3A, it seems like it\'s going to be a good game for what it is, a multiplayer deathmatch style game. The only type of games that fit into this catagory are UT and TF2; Q3A shouldn\'t even be compared with Duke4.

    I *hope* id\'s plan is \"reverse game design,\" wherein an engine is made using multiplayer, then a single player game using the same engine is created after the fact. I just wonder if, after the release of games like Half-life and the up and coming Duke 4, id software can keep up. T

    Ultimatly, we\'ll have to wait and see what\'s coming down the pipe. For now, I\'m looking forward to a single player, environment immersive, extremely fun game. At the moment, those appear to be Half-life Opfor and DNF.

    And I don\'t give a rats red ass who designed the 3d engine.

  • re: #211 and others...

    Very valid points. You gotta love competition. I am guessing though that the final product will lead to q3a being the most played quake game at lp\'s. Personally, I love playing doom2, q1, qw, q2, q3a and half-life dm. I played the bejesus out of q1/qw and I really liked the change q2 presented. I can adapt to whatever is out there. Did I mention that half-life dm is funner than shit? I had a lp last weekend and we loaded up hl for kicks and fuckin-a hl dm is so fun. I love the bloodsplats and the crossbow and the shotgun. Maybe its just me but the weapons in hl are friggin sweet.

    As for id Software, I think they have a long way to go before approaching Westwood Studios status. I don\'t think q3a will be a pos, however I also don\'t think its going to set the world on fire. Sure us core players will eat it up but will the general gaming public? Time will tell, it could be nice for mutiplayer gaming to get more exposure. As for id pleasing the hard core gamers....welp, that\'s kind of a toughy. Pretty much anyone that reads the shack would be considered a hard-core player by demographers/marketing types and the shacks audience is somewhat diverse. There are hard-core quakers but within that subset there are core q1ers and q2ers and q3ers so it would be difficult for id to please all core players. id has to walk a pretty tight line between pleasing q1 and q2 players as well as making the game attractive to the general gaming public, remember that id software is a business after all so profit is definitely a factor. You know wha they say \"You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.\"

    Another thing (jesus this is longer than expected) I think id (primarily jcarmack) needs to come to terms with the fact that they must grow if they want to fill carmacks engines with enough content to keep the public happy. JC\'s fear of growing may someday be what causes id to become nothing more than a technology company that develops engines for creative developers. What would it hurt if id had another modeler? They have enough money for him so why not let the game have 60 models instead of whatever it is now? Or perhaps more level guys or more texture guys or more programmers?

    Ok, i\'m done


  • re: #165 & 186

    I will agree that the dnf shots looked dialed. I can\'t wait to be able to run around the strip in vegas blowing shit up and pimpin sluts :). But as for the models of q3a, Klesk has gone nowhere, he is still in game. The change to skeletal animation has no effect on the complexity of the models, all it has done is reduced the amount of ram required for each model to exist in a game. As for asking where the screen shots are of new models and doesn\'t really play the hype/marketing game now that romero is gone (well they do, just to a much lesser extent) so we see less screenies and less exclusive previews.

    On a seperate note,

    I didn\'t really get into dn3d because q1 stole my attention once it was released, but gawd damn these pics have me pretty pumped for this game. I hope 3dr can dispell the growing myth that games can only excel at either single-player OR multiplayer. Good luck 3dr and hurry the f#@k up.