IGI 2 Multiplayer Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 10, 2003 7:49am PST

As promised, Codemasters has now released an IGI 2 multiplayer beta allowing you to try out a single level from Innerloop's action/stealth game sequel. Here's what you do in this multiplayer beta: "This public Multiplayer Beta Test calls for stealth and weapon skills to sabotage an old mineral plant that terrorists are using as a cover to extract uranium for covert weapons manufacturing. "

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  • I didn't expect much out of this demo, but I ended up enjoying the game quite a bit... you can roam around the mountains and find nice sniping positions, then just sit there and pick people off =D I'm a cs fan, and the gameplay seemed very similar, tho not as smooth... still better than BF1942 foot combat though, because the view distance is insane, you can snipe from a km+ away, plus the terrain is suitable enough that you can sorta hide/blend in with textures, behind trees etc...

    A lot of fun sniping once you save up for the barrett (sp?)

  • radar

    in this picture if you look at the radar http://www.shacknews.com/screens.x/igi2/IGI+2/1/121302/igi2_multiplayer_combat_online.jpg

    in the center there is a red dot, the red dot depitcs the bomb (since this player has the bomb, also shown in the bottom left on the hud) , and is only displayed to the attacking team. the two yellow dots are spawn points which also function as buy zones, so you can buy more ammo, guns, or a health kit for yourself. finally teammates are displayed as white dots. once again zoom in and zoom out keys (defualt mousewheel) changes the scale of the radar, so it can give you a good idea of how far away your teammates, a buy zone, or the bomb.

    Map, the map functions as it did in the first igi.

    default button is M, it shows you an overhead veiw of the map from your sattelite. it can show you enemies that are visible from the sky, as well as teammates. its pretty easy to use, and can be helpful if you are defending an enclosed room. just drag the map around with left click, and double click or use your zoom in/out keys.