New GameBoy Advance

By Steve Gibson, Jan 07, 2003 11:51am PST Jason is out at the Nintendo press event but this is the hot and fresh news from console land that just cant wait. Nintendo has announced a new GameBoy Advance that features a new design (of course) and thankfully a built-in lighting system. It's also featuring a rechargable battery that will run for 10hrs with the light turned on and only takes 3hrs to recharge. Here's some stuff:

- Nintendo unveils 5oz GameBoy
- Nintendo sheds new light
- Higher res images via bizwire
- GameSpot images/info
- GameSpy images/info

Just to mess with everyone though, they no longer accept the standard headphones jack, you gotta get the special new kind. Sigh.

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  • wow this thing looks cool. The only problem I see from it is its width (like the old pocket gameboys) It may take some getting used to when you have a gba and not so big hands. It looks more "professional" and clean, I guess their target is not only for the kids toys arena. For those of you who are complaining about the head phone jack, whats there to compain about, I have not seen anyone use the headphone jack in the first place. Plus if you really wanted to hear the "badass" sounds Im pretty sure they did it so you can connect to your gamecube to your tv.