Evening Reading

I've been having this urge to go back and play Warcraft 3 over again and I think I just might have to do so now after seeing it win GOTY here. Really had a great story presentation and I'm just a sucker for all the hero stuff. Hey look!

- Holiday online scams
- MS is still making the cash moneys, cheddar comin!
- This is why some celebrities should not speak in public
- Bradd Pitt is just TOO HOT
- How McDonalds deals with local public conditions Thanks Fark
- Kentucky releasing a bunch of inmates earlier to save some cash?
- Some optimism for the US economy

Lastly, tonight shall be spent re-watching the LOTR Fellowship special edition DVD in preperation for that glorious moment tomorrow. As for the rest of you guys, we'll have a thread up around 1AM CST for all you folks who are seeing midnight screenings to discuss it all you want. No need for spoiler tags in the thread, we'll just assume the whole thing is a spoiler. :)

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