Natural Selection Q&A

by Maarten Goldstein, Nov 16, 2002 9:43am PST
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HomeLAN Fed's Saturday morning mod interview is with Charlie Cleveland, team leader on the Natural Selection mod for Half-Life. JCal asks Charlie what surprised him during development of the mod, any features that didn't make it, reaction to the mod, patch plans and more.


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  • Hey there guys! Been playing games even before I could walk, and for once in my life I think I have found the game with the most innovation and realism ever created. NS is exceptionally evolutionary~! It is totally awesome~! For those who have played you know what I mean. For those who haven't, you haven't lived sonny.:) I believe this will set a new chain of games using this game engine. The live players in the whole battle creates no absolutes and requires one vital, crucial thing for victory: team work. Really DO listen to you commander and don't bitch, when you have people complaining and whining about how horrible you are and all they want to do is sit in the corner and cry untill they get their HMG or what not it really can drive someone insane. The game, when cooperation is present is a wonder. It makes you think that you can actually be a marine one day since you're "so good". If I were to rate this game it would be 100/10. This is has been a dream and I have not seen such ideas since Final Fantasy 7. I have unfortunately found flaws. First, unrelative to the game itself , are pricks that like to ruin it for everybody by moaning like a whore constantly on the voice comm. Totally ruins the experience. Second is also complaint about voice comm even though everyone is cooperating. Most people don't realize Mic's don't work due to the sound speakers are emitting near by. Causing voices to crack and yadi yada. SO for petes sake get a Head set. Their only 10 bucks. Lastly is AGAIN voice comm, since it is so essential to the game. People with slower operating PC's have a tendency to ruin everyones voice comm due to latency. I had a lan party once with 5 people and another 5 in another house hold meeting at a server on the net. With a total of 10 people, man oh man it was heaven because each person had a role and voices and commands were crisp clear. However as soon as someone came in that had a higher lag rate all our speeches were cracky and skipped. I, at first thought it was crappy mikes, but as soon as the person got off everything cleared. Since the internet is a free place, perfect voice comm is never gonna happen. If anyone who reads this and has a fast computer and knows those who would like a perfect voice comm game give me a holler and I'll join yah. As for now NS ROCKS MY WORLD! P.S. my girlfriend even loves this game.


    - RTFM. Very important.
    - Learn the maps, or at least A map. NS maps are large and fairly complicated, so having some knowledge of where to go really makes a world of difference. Eclipse is a good starter map.
    - Use voice comm. It makes team coordination much, much easier.

    How to play as...

    Each marine is very versatile. You start off with a decent weapon and have the ability to construct any building the commander places. Travel in groups of at least 2 (preferably 3 or more), cover each other, don't bunch up, and check your six. Use your ears, since aliens have pretty loud footsteps. And don't forget to look up when entering a room, since those bastard Skulks like to hide above you.

    Being a commander is a tough job. Keep him informed of your situation, but don't bitch him out if he's not doing what you think he should. Do what he tells you, since he has a much better view of the big picture.

    Kharaa (Aliens)
    The Aliens' strength is that each class is very specialized in their strengths.
    The spawn class, Skulk, is great at ambushes and raids.
    The builder class, Gorge, is quite vulnerable to the enemy, but is critical to the success of the Aliens.
    The flyer class, Lerk, is a skirmisher/combat support unit that can be a huge thorn in the enemy's side if played effectively.
    The footman class, Fade, is the first unit that can effectively tank against the enemy, and the only class that has a powerful ranged attack.
    And the assault class, Onos, is a elephant/rhino monster that can serve as a spectacular spearhead into an enemy base.

    The true power of the Aliens lies in different people supporting each other with complimenting classes. Use your hivesight to see where trouble is, find a job and do it. Your team must be able to react instantly to threats and opportunities if you are to succeed.

    Gameflow Info
    The aliens gain additional classes and abilities by securing Hive locations at certain points of the map. Alien success relies on them grabbing a second hive quickly. When they build the third and final hive, all alien powers are unlocked and the marines are at a great disadvantage.

    The above knowledge should guide your strategies, no matter which side you're on! The marines must do everything in their power to prevent the aliens from controlling the third hive, and should mount an offensive on the second hive quickly. The aliens, conversely, should do everything in their power to grab a second hive, and should mount an offensive on the third hive location as soon as possible.

    Marines "climb the tech tree" in typical RTS fashion, creating buildings and researching advanced technologies. This means that they are wholly reliant on resources in order to advance, and thus Marines should go to great lengths to protect their resource nodes. Aliens should go to great lengths to destroy them.

    Those are the basics. Remember to do what's best for the team. If you're a new player, please listen to those who sound like they know what they're doing. NS has a bit of a learning curve, and it will take some time to become a competent player. Working together is the key to victory.