Natural Selection Released

by Maarten Goldstein, Oct 31, 2002 12:13pm PST
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A new Half-Life mod has been released, called Natural Selection. This mod mixes action and strategy, and you play as either marines or aliens. Lots of people have been looking forward to this it seems. Click here for the FileShack mirror.


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  • I played this mod last night. Very impressive. I have never ever seen such a polished first release of a mod.

    Gameplay is fun, but complex. So people will need some time to learn. But the manuals and the step by step training is excellent. Also, i wish there were more outdoormaps. The current set of maps seem a little claustrophobic.

    These guys know their stuff. And not only the technical part but they also know how to market their game (easy to use, good interface, nice website, good manuals, nice installation routine).

    Bottom line: very impressive mod.

  • This game seems to have a LOT of potential, and I think in the right circumstances it will be tons of fun. There are three main problems right now however, though each of them should go away with time.

    1) If you're on the Marine side, you absolutely MUST have a commander who knows what he's doing. Having an idiotic (or even just having a mediocre) commander will completely doom your team, assuming the Alien players are decent.

    2) If you're on the Alien side, just about everyone on your team MUST know the map well. This is mostly true for every game, but it's exaggerated by the fact that the maps are VERY large and, for the most part, confusing. Since the Aliens don't have a commander to set waypoints and tell them where to go, the result is 10+ people just wandering around aimlessly.

    "I need a builder in the Engine Room!"
    "Where the hell is that?"
    "It's near the uh, hmm. I dunno."

    3) It's a real server hog. A favorite CS server of mine switched over to NS today. In CS the server almost never lagged, providing sub-70 pings for just about everybody. With NS, nobody dropped below 300. Ever. And it's the same story with every other server I've played on.

    Like I said, these problems will go away in time. In 1-2 months we should see a solid community built around a very good game.