Late Night Consoling

Still more revelations about the Microsoft/Rare deal tonight...this article over at MSNBC confirms that Rare has kept the rights to Killer Instinct (yay!) but also Blast Corps and most surprising Battletoads, which saw a flurry of games back in the day but hasn't been heard from in ages. Also of note is the article's mention that Conker's Bad Fur Day sold a mere 340,000 copies, which isn't great, but actually better than I had thought. They mention that figure to contrast Nintendo's claim that Rare hasn't done much for their bottom line, but then the article mentions that Eternal Darkness to date has sold a paltry 150,000 copies, which is a downright flop (especially considering how long the game had been in development). Nintendo's not cutting that developer loose just yet, as the piece ends by saying, "I think you will hear about [an] additional assignment to Silicon Knights before too long." Some more miscellaneous info can be found in this piece at GameSpot, where Microsoft's Ed Fries and the brothers Stamper talk about the deal, and comment on the status of Rare's two Game Boy Advance titles among other things.

Xbox Lionhead at X02 Lionhead head Peter Molyneux was at Microsoft's X02 event showing off two new projects, both of which can be seen over at GameSpot. First up is BC, the prehistoric action/adventure game, and GameSpot has a report with screenshots up from that one, as well as a trailer from Fable, which has been confirmed as the final name for the game once known as Project Ego. On a related note, some new shots from Fable can be found at Games Are Fun.
Xbox More X02 Movies Also at GameSpot are movies showing off various other Xbox games from X02. Specifically there are new movies from Rare's Kameo: Elements of Power, Sudeki and Project Gotham Racing 2.
PS2 Move over Steel Battalion... Here's some welcome news...Sega has announced plans to release a special Twin Sticks controller for Virtual On Marz, the upcoming PS2 installment in the long-running series of battlin' robot games.
GameCube PS2 Xbox BloodRayne Goes Gold Majesco has announced that BloodRayne, the third person action game that has ties to the PC game Nocturne, has gone gold, and will ship just in time for Halloween on all three platforms. For more info check out the game's newly updated official site.
GameCube PS2 Xbox GameBoy Advance IGN's TGS Recap IGN has posted their Best of Show winners for last week's Tokyo Game Show. Nothing too surprising here, among the five winners are Devil May Cry 2, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Panzer Dragoon Orta.
GameBoy Advance Phantasy Star Collection Preview GameForms has a new preview of the near-complete Phantasy Star Collection for GBA online tonight. This brief look at the collection should serve as a good intro for those unfamiliar with the off-line games in the series.
Xbox BG: Dark Alliance Gold on Xbox Interplay has confirmed that the Xbox port of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance has gone gold and will ship in November. The PS2 version has been extremely well received, particularly here in our ShackReviews.
Xbox Soldier of Fortune II Xbox-bound Still more Xbox news tonight...Activision announced yesterday that Soldier of Fortune II is headed to the Xbox, and will offer support for Microsoft's Xbox Live network.
GameCube PS2 Xbox GameBoy Advance Dreamcast PSOne Latest Japanese Hardware Sales As they do regularly, PlanetXbox has posted the latest Japanese sales figures. The order's pretty much the same as it has been for months, although the Xbox has pulled ahead of the PSOne for the first time in a while.
Console Game of the Evening: Battletoads for the NES. Extremely difficult at times, but a fun beat 'em up from the golden age of beat 'em ups.