TRIBES2 Relaunch Soon

by Steve Gibson, Sep 09, 2002 11:47am PDT
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HomeLAN has heard from Sierra the the TRIBES2 re-launch is scheduled for some time this week. There will be two new mods packaged with the launch and will be sold in jewel cases for $10.


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  • Quick note for people not in the know: the Tribes franchise is being returned to its roots, ala Tribes 1. I'm no expert, so this is just the opinion of a casual T2 player... but here's the gist of it:

    The new 'mod', "Classic", is actually a refined version of what most people know as "Tribes 2", only it's more like Tribes 1. It's more of a sport than a war game. The other mod is also more of a sport game, sort of footballish, I guess.

    If anyone is even REMOTELY interested in trying out a Tribes game, try it out with this patch a few days after release, once all the servers are updated. Tribes 2 in a few weeks will be REALLY different than Tribes 2 when it was released, so all the people who tried it a year ago and hated it, try it again.

    Also note, certain amount of people in the Tribes community are elite assholes, don't mind them. There are also those who would have you believe that Tribes is "better" than say, Quake 3. I think that's a biased thing to say, because it's just DIFFERENT, not better.

    The reason why Tribes is such an elite-ish game with an elite-ish community is because there is a smaller number of game players who end up liking and getting good at Tribes 1/2. This is because of the large learning curve, attributed (this is my belief) mostly to the realistic physics (MOMENTUM).

    This is why some would have you believe Tribes takes more skill. I prefer to be less abrasive and say that it takes a different KIND of skill-base than Quake does, one which is less common amongst gamers than the Quake skills. This could simply be because a lot of people don't LIKE Tribes game play for various reasons :)

  • This game made me ditch my Voodoo5 I wanted to play so bad when it came out. I loved T1 and have over 300 league and match games under my belt. The TW forums are rough and tough no prisoners taken!!!

    On launch game was unplayable with my Voodoo got a GF2 and all was right with the world. I was a lucky one and only had a few minor problems but many of my Tribe mates had massive UE problems not to mention broken ingame tourny mode so matchs couldn't be played for quite sometime.

    For me the game was dumbed down and slowed way to far down. Siege does really kickass!! Ahh the past may it RIP gave up on it over a year ago and not about to go back.