Raven Shield Videos

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 11, 2002 12:16pm PDT

The German GIGA Games website has new Raven Shield video footage. There are six parts, most parts are between 40 - 50mb in download size and in Divx format. Runs for about 37 minutes total.

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  • Ok, part 5 has some footage in-game. It's a bit disappointing....lots (LOTS) of door opening in the 'bank level' they showed. It doesn't look like much of a bank, looks more like a fancy european mansion...but eh, whatever. The gun sounds "tick" when shot like in previous games, the textures, while nice, look a bit 'flat' to me. Weapon model looks nice, reload animation seemed non-existent (was real compact and uninspiring).
    I was interested in this game, now that I watched the video, I'll have to be re-sold on it via the demo (the video said expect the game and a demo in NOV).
    Right now, AmericasArmy is very entertaining if you want a realism game (they have to squash a few bugs still). This looked very 'eh'.