Carmack on DOOM3 Hardware

A little more sumpin sumpin from Carmack discussing hardware and DOOM3 related things. Firstly our unofficial Carmack correspondent Abrasion got a bit from The Carmack on the future 64bit CPUs and how they will get along with DOOM3:

Q: "Assuming that the Hammer CPU is out within 3 months of D3's release, and Windows ?? 64bit is also out, what do you think the chances are of a 64bit binary for Doom 3? - slim? - none? - "mildly possible" - or damn certain?

A: Slim. A 64 bit binary is likely to be slightly slower than a 32 bit binary, because pointers will consumer more memory bandwidth. You only get a speed benefit from 64 bit when you need long integers, or you need to access more than (roughly) 2 gigs of memory.

Also, the Beyond3D guys have a few more very techy questions (Thanks HomeLAN) with JC talking about video stuff.