Half-Life v1.1.1.0 Details

Some more details have come out with the upcoming Half-Life release. Apparently there's going to be a bit more to it than was originally thought. They are also packaging a demo playback util you can see screenshots here and some more details via the PHL guys:

PLAYBACK: Main thing is that you have a slider for the timeline which you can use. You can also use quick keys for: - Jump to start - Go one frame back - Pause - Play - Go one frame forward - Jump to end - set time scale.
EDITING: Now you can select parts and then cut them out from the demo-file. For example you record a super demo, but you dont want to keep the last round.

Also, a mention of the release timeframe:

Right now we're planning the release for next Wednesday, but if we run into any significant problems in testing we'll have to push things back a week.