Well, not a bad day, although I believe the internet coverage of the event is not as good as last years. A lot of good sites have died the last year, or started to suck, or moved their good content behind subscriptions. Bummer.

Anyway, who cares about Doom anyway? The good stuff!

  • Hubba Hubba Hubba! *Finally* a site that gets the priorities straight up!
  • Proof that brittaney spaers fans are illeterate poepel!
  • I wonder what this guy does when he catches a speeder. Somehow I'm hoping it involves a lasso.
  • Not enough time to play all your games? Here's the solution: Caffeinated Soap.
  • And, finally, a game that has proper balance in gameplay.
Thanks to all the posters of the links. I forgot to write your names down, so no credits. Steve, Maarten or Jason will probably update later tonight, in case something interesting happens. If not, then you'll just have to wake up extra early tomorrow to read huge morning update...