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By Maarten Goldstein, May 03, 2002 5:52am PDT So just a few weeks before E3 we actually managed to find a hotel closer to E3. Ok we actually means DieharD. Those Canadian people are quite resourceful! It's not only closer, but actually cheaper too. Let's hope they didn't overbook.

That Klez virus is mighty annoying. Getting a lot of them these days.Worst part is each of them is trying to open so you always have to hit cancel before you can delete them. And you never really know beforehand if it's going to be a virus email. As I said, annoying.

Hey it's Friday..which means Spider-Man opened in the U.S. It doesn't open here until late June for some reason. That's too bad, as I really want to see it.

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  • well , just finished installing the new power supply,even thro it's the same size as the 300 watt I couldn't install it without removing the mobo. Reason being it has two fans and one of them is on the bottom with a fan guard. So lucky me- has the removable mobo tray which made the process a little less troublesome. I still installed it thru the back,but had to remove the fan guard first,then reinstall the guard once the power supply was inplace. This unit has some very long wires which takes up a lot of the inside case space,I tried a few different wire schemes but it looks like I'll have to upgrade to a longer case if I want neatness. That is all for now. Carry on.

  • First Impressions of Morrowind (after 1 1/2 hours of play).

    Seems really big, I can tell already just from a bit of playing. The graphics are purdy, although slow on my system even at 800x600 (gf2 ultra, p3 800, 512mb, win2k). I had to turn down the sound quality too since it was pretty slow outside.

    I never played the previous games in the series, so I'm pretty new at this so far. Started out with an assassin and am just fooling around right now by sneaking into homes, killing anyone there, and selling their stuff to the local merchant.

    A few things I don't like though (but maybe I just don't know what I'm doing). The inventory mode isn't to my liking, well not everything. I do like how it sorts stuff based on type (weapon,misc,etc.), but don't like the descriptions of stuff that comes with it. I was hoping for something like Baldurs Gate where you can right click on the item and get the info. Same with when buying stuff to, I don't know much about the item.

    I also have no clue what to do with half the items I find, these plants and stuff. Is there a way I can become better at identifying them? Or do some actually have a purpose?

    don't like the weapon system that much either, but maybe I just don't know how to use it well yet. I want to be able to have multiple weapons queued for use, although I guess there are hotkeys, maybe I should read up on those.

    Also, anyone have suggestions on how to play an assassin? I just selected the basic assassin package and let it choose everything for me, but I'm not far in the game yet so I don't mind restarting if there is something I should have done.

    Hmm, that's all I can think of right now. So far it seems like a pretty good game, but I'll have to give it some more time before I make up my mind.

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