Half-Life Updates Next Week

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 18, 2002 2:38pm PDT Just got an email from Valve saying they Counter-Strike and Half-Life updates are coming next week. As you might know, Valve has been beta testing their Steam content system for a while now, updating CS and Half-Life in the process. These updates will now find their way to the non-Steam users, though Steam integration will start with this release. Here's what's new

CS 1.4 introduces several new features to the world's most popular online action game, including new missions (de_chateau, cs_havana), further integration of Valve's spectator technology, and more. The updates also mark the introduction of Valve's anti-cheat network, hosted in partnership with Speakeasy on the ISP's National Broadband Gaming Network (www.speakeasy.net).
In addition, this release begins the public migration of Valve's games to the recently announced Steam broadband platform (see www.steampowered.com). While it is not required, if players join the free Steam beta before next Tuesday, they will be updated seamlessly via Steam and be able to skip the traditional download process completely.

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  • What exactly are you smoking ? I have many friends that play Quake3, UT and RtCW under Linux (And FreeBSD using linux emulation). All of these 3 games, *ARE* succesfull game ports. And how exactly does Valve "contribute" to the *NIX community by release the server binaries, care to elaborate ? Unless you're a Linux user, who gets paid to administer game servers, what exactly are you gaining from the server binary release ? More servers to play on from your Windows client ? How exactly can that be called contributing to the *NIX community, I fail to understand.