by Steve Gibson, Apr 17, 2002 4:35pm PDT

Welp, dunno how else to present this to you guys so I'll go ahead and say it. I've been talking with the G4 TV folks on and off for a while. As a professional skeptic I didnt really think it was going to go anywhere but amazingly enough, G4TV is about to launch (story) as a national cable TV channel. Here's where it gets interesting, I've somehow convinced them that a weekly Shack segment on their channel is a good idea. To test the waters, they are giving me 2-3 minutes over the phone to be broadcast live. So, question time.

- What would you like to see/hear? - Who would you like to see/hear? - What kind of format? Q&A with the hosts? Presentation? - Throw out any idea, the G4 guys are giving me quite a bit of freedom, which is... scary.
Just leave your thoughts, and yes this is serious.


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  • I guess you'll have to decide on what your audience will be. the shack or a somewhat more broader audience..

    I'd prefer to see you become the voice of reason in response to the James Au Wanger's of, instead of blowing everything to an epic proportion (THEY MAKE MODS!! GAMES LAST LONGER! AND AND BECOME FILLED WITH HEAVENLY LIFE!!) so say something unique. don't do reviews unless they show some bias or prepare to become part of the hype machine. stay current. stay prepared. stay focused.

    It'll be a struggle to fill your 3min up with something unique. don't just pimp da shack.

  • well, it's a good thing you have Television, quite a bit of work experience...


    ummm, i have zero experience, but my intuition suggests the following.

    Brand the shack as the "honest opinion" kind of thing...

    Maybe go for editorial style or something...

    Think, what makes the shack really unique? What is it here that makes people come here so often.

    can you convey a sense of brutal honesty mixed with a fun community?

    maybe present the "shack" opinion on various topics... a summary of the community voice on stuff ...

    dunno... scary! maybe plug the shack reviews or something?

  • Most of the shack's content is well-suited to the internet, but not so well suited to television, and we have to avoid that sort of thing. Like, shackreviews and Evening Reading are great, but how do you put them on tv? But if it's entirely new, it won't have that shack flava, and it won't compete with other shows. What we need is something that is enhanced both by television and the internet shack community.

    I think interviews are a good idea. You can put on the website who you're going to interview for the show, and we can come up with questions in the comments. While the interview is going on, we could see clips of game footage or glimpses inside the game studio, and maybe Maarten doing something goofy.

    Maybe hold contests, where a quasi-random* shacker gets to conduct the interview, or review a game.

    Or maybe a game debate! We could have two people get up there and argue about RTCW vs. MOH:AA or Q3 vs. UT or something.