Welp, dunno how else to present this to you guys so I'll go ahead and say it. I've been talking with the G4 TV folks on and off for a while. As a professional skeptic I didnt really think it was going to go anywhere but amazingly enough, G4TV is about to launch (story) as a national cable TV channel. Here's where it gets interesting, I've somehow convinced them that a weekly Shack segment on their channel is a good idea. To test the waters, they are giving me 2-3 minutes over the phone to be broadcast live. So, question time.

- What would you like to see/hear?
- Who would you like to see/hear?
- What kind of format? Q&A with the hosts? Presentation?
- Throw out any idea, the G4 guys are giving me quite a bit of freedom, which is... scary.

Just leave your thoughts, and yes this is serious.