Elite Force 2 Screenshots

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 09, 2002 10:44am PDT

Here are four new screenshots from Ritual's upcoming Star Trek game Elite Force 2. The game was announced last week, check this story if you missed that.

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  • Yay more of the same stuff that wasn't very fun in the first place.

    I seriously gave up on the first game about halfway through just cause it was so boring, and the loading times were horrible, if you were playing on hard and had saved in a place where you had a low amount of hp you could spend more than half of your next 10min watching the loading screen.

    I don't know why more games don't take a cue from Alice and use Q3 map reset instead of reloading everything you can just reset the monsters and triggers and keep the map and textures loaded, anyone who did a lot of quicksaving/loading in Alice noticed the difference I'm sure.

  • id like to ask for something original, BUT it is a franchise so...why should i be interested in a product thats a sequal when it looks just like the original, even using the same engine? might have worked with Tomb Raider, but then again IT DIDNT.

    I hope the developers realize this and dont just make an eliteforce that takes place on enterprise.

    of course elite force is just quake3 re textured with some scripts. at least jedknight2 has some new elements like force powers and a light saber. But I've beaten all within a matter of days, and I have a job and go to college full time.

    the industry has gotten so big that the lowest common denominator that was a sharp knife is now a well rounded anal probe. games are costing more than ever for game formula's that have not changed since atari 2600.