(From late last night) Well, here you guys go. Something I dont think I ever really expected to do, we've opened an online hardware store, www.shackstore.com and have a reasonable selection of gamer oriented PC hardware stuff. Full PC system assembly, OS install, and tweaks, or individual parts like motherboards and memory etc. A few things to note along with a few pics of a recent custom built system:

Click to enlarge- If there is a product you want and dont see it listed, email it!

- This is a very simple, non-database design. If we have some early success we'll upgrade things and have searchable features and categories etc.

- If you've installed any external java stuff, even from Sun, you may get an error with the cart software. We're hoping for a fix but havent seen one yet.

- Yes we make some $ on this. Making money off advertising on this website isnt bad, but horribly unpredictable.

- GeForce4 cards are still hard to come by, you can pre-order them and they ship on the 19th. We're also working on getting some more selection in there, as that's certainly the weakeast of the important sections right now.

Lastly, if you feel it necessary to say how much it sucks or how much better deals you can find, good for you.