Tribes: Fast Attack Unveiled

HomeLAN Fed has the first details on a new Tribes game from Sierra. Tribes: Fast Attack will be a stand-alone game with a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode which focuses more on small teams. Fast Attack will also include the original Tribes 2 along with two mods: Competition Mod and Team Rabbit. The game will be released this fall for $39.99, and if you already own Tribes 2 you can get $20 of that back.

Tribes: Fast Attack will use an all-new graphics engine that is being developed in-house by Inevitable. Rodberg stated, however, that they still wanted to concentrate mod and editing features for Tribes 2. As far as looks, Tribes: Fast Attack will look much like Tribes 2, and that screenshots from the game will be released soon that will show what Fast Attack looks like. The single player game will begin with a tutorial for new players that centers around a training camp. The actual single player campaign begins right after the tutorial ends and Rodberg said, "The training camp is a focal point for a large Bioderm invasion". Rodberg said there will be a "cool twist" at the end of the single player campaign. ...

Let the unlimited flow of screenshots begin!