It's Hammer Time

Over at Valve ERC, they have released the latest version of the Valve editing tool software. Formerly Worldcraft, it's now called the Hammer editor. We have a mirror of the tool on Fileshack. Here's a list of changes, there are several fixes as well.

  • Splitter view layout is now preserved from session to session.
  • Dialog bars now pop to the top when the mouse cursor floats over them.
  • No longer renders the 3D views when the editor is not the active application. (This will fix most people's problems with running Hammer and Half-Life at the same time causing the editor to freeze)
  • Added Copy to Clipboard button to the process window.
  • Sped up time to bring up the Face Properties dialog when many brushes are selected.
  • Sped up 2D view scrolling.
  • Added timed selection of objects by depth in the 3D view when the left mouse button is held down.