Ritual's Elite Force 2

Over at Section31 they have some news up about Elite Force 2. In the May issue of PC Gamer, it is mentioned that Ritual is working on Star Trek: Elite Force 2. The game is using the Quake 3 engine like the original, and will be released in 2003. Twelve single player levels will be in the game, with one to seven missions per level. Multiplayer is also coming back. Here's a bit about the story

The story will at least in part, revolve around what happened when Voyager was sucked into the Borg Shpere in the series finale 'Endgame', just before it emerged in the Alpha Quadrant. So what happened while Voyager was inside the ship? "That's what you get to determine in this game," says a smiling Doug Pearson, Activision's producer on the project. "... You get to help determine exactly what happened." In this game, you once again fill the shoes of Hazard Team member Alex Munroe. There will be no female playable character as in the original EF.