Duke Manhattan Project Preview

As some extra evening reading for you all, I can offer my preview of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Originally this was going to be an episodic game to be sold online, however it's now heading towards stores as a budget title. Publisher Arush Entertainment recently distributed a preview build of the game to the press, which contains the first three episodes from the game

The preview build contains the first three episodes of the game (the final game will have eight). Each episode consists of three levels with the last part of each level being an end-boss fight. There are levels with where you are on the rooftop of Manhattan skyscrapers, you visit Chinatown, and you go to the subway. Levels keep getting better as you progress. Especially the Chinatown and subway areas have a wide variety of textures including amusing billboards and are filled with details. Each level also has several secret areas containing health or ammo. Since this is a 3D platform game, the game mainly plays while looking at the side of Duke. However the camera position does change occasionally so it isn't constant side-scrolling [...]

In related news, Gamespy Daily interviewed Jim Perkins of Arush about the game.