No Secret 3DR Title?

Yesterday we had a story about a possible secret game associated with 3DRealms as pointed to in an interview on Gamasutra. Well, Scott Miller of 3DRealms stopped by to clarify some things and poopoo on the parade a bit. Basically it's an old outdated interview:

[snip] No one announced anything. Since I wrote the quotes used in that Gamasutra article, six months ago, we've cancelled one project, and going back a year ago, another big external project was cancelled for the PS2. The stuff George wrote is several years old, I believe, published in a book that came out in 1999. This stuff happens all the time. It's damn well funny to see it pop up now as if it was news. ;-)

[snip] I will say this one time only, and only on this site, because it's a non-story and therefore we do not want to talk about it and generate more attention: Talon Brave is not coming back. We have long ago dropped the trademark on that name.

What does this mean? It means it was a non-story as Scott said. There is no telling what the heck they are talking about, or if the plan to announce something at E3 is still the plan. If it were to be anything I would guess that the Prey project with HumanHead would be the one but you never know. Seems smart to me, 3DR continues to put all their focus on developing Duke4, Scott sells off/makes a deal on the Prey property with another company looking for a project. Doesnt affect Duke4 development, makes 3DR more money.