More on Square & Nintendo

Gamespot has an update on the new relationship between Square and Nintendo (story). It looks like people expecting a Final Fantasy game on the GameCube soon will be dissapointed. For now, the new company will only be developing games for the Game Boy Advance. Though creating a game which uses the Cube/GBA connectivity has not been ruled out.

[...] it was initially reported that Fund Q--a fund set up by Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi to help encourage game development, focusing specifically on games that utilize the connectivity feature between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance--would also factor into the agreement. But Murakawa told GameSpot that Fund Q is only one of several approaches Square plans to take with the new company. He did, however, say that the company still may take the connectivity option into account. "The objective of the new company is to develop GBA titles, so GameCube titles are not a part of the plan," he said. "But because the Game Boy Advance and GameCube allow for link connectivity, we may make use of such a feature in the future."