Red Faction2 Announced

By Steve Gibson, Jan 25, 2002 7:36am PST

A PR just put out by the guys at THQ announces Red Faction2, which from the looks of the PR will only be showing up on the PS2. The PC release of the original was a pretty big let down anyways. Thanks Blues

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  • The *only* good thing about the first one on the PS2 was that there was no other even half-decent FPS at the time.

    Red Faction on the PS2 did so many bad things that should never have happened in this day and age. If it came out just after Quake it might have been brilliant but as it was it was nothing special; it was insulting if you ask me. At the end of the day it was a shit Half-Life wannabe with nothing going for it. I'm sorry to say that as the team behind it have worked on some great stuff but Red Faction wasn't anything special. The game more or less irritated me throughout the entire thing and GeoMod was a fucking joke because there were about five rockets in the entire game so you never wasted them blowing up a wall just in case it was one of the few that were destructable, behind which there was nothing...